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Video walls are generally made up of smaller displays, panels, or tiles to create a spectacular, smooth viewing experience. Thanks to advanced technology, the quality and size of your images and videos will astound everyone in the room. Take your digital signage to the next level with a custom video wall installation that elevates your business and attracts customers!

Image of a man walking towards a video wall

Maximum Impact

The most successful video walls leave a lasting impact on all viewers. We work hard to ensure every video wall installation is as successful and impactful as it can be. That’s why we partner with distinguished manufacturers Samsung, NEC, Daktronics, Sony, Phillips, Planar, and more. Using only the best and latest technology, our video wall solutions are guaranteed to revolutionize your space and impress your viewers.

Completely Customizable

From a simple 2x2 video wall to a massive theatre room installation, we’ve done it all, and we are confident that we can provide you with a solution customized to your exact specifications. Since our walls are made of smaller panels or tiles, we can alter their shape and even make them fit to a curved wall! The ability to customize our video walls makes them a perfect solution for a variety of environments, including but not limited to the following:

Image of a monitor on a wall

Browse Our Video Wall Customer Success Stories Below:

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