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The PSNI Global Alliance

Matrix Video Communications Corp. is proud to be part of PSNI Global Alliance, the most recognized network of technology providers for communication and collaboration. PSNI gathers and rigorously certifies the top AV and UCC technology providers from around the world and enables us to work as one organization. That means we can achieve more for our businesses than we could on our own, and better help our customers, the technology end users to create innovative communication experiences.

How We Work with The Alliance

With Matrix Video Communications and The Alliance, you’ll receive consistently exceptional experiences through a standardized global deployment and support approach, no matter where your project is located. From project discovery, to proposal and scope, to service and support, each step in our certified process ensures you end up with completely seamless performance between rooms or across countries.

The PSNI Global Deployment Process

1. Project Discovery. We’ll work with you to define your needs on both local and global levels. We specialize in creating completely customized solutions designed for your needs.

2. Build Your Global Team. As your single point of contact, we’ll build the right team for your unique project and geographic goals and coordinate between Certified Solution Providers in different locations.

3. Proposal and Scope. We’ll align all global Certified Solution Providers with your locations, and deliver a concise, complete proposal with accurate pricing, process and timeline.

4. Programming, Fabrication, Integration. Working based on our best practices global deployment plan allows our globally-synced teams to show what they're best at, with every location and process being fully standardized.

5. System Commissioning. We’ll thoroughly test each system, identifying any potential issues before they arise and ensuring quality for the long run.

6. Training. All end-users within an organization, as well as the IT teams that support them can be given complete training to prepare them for day-to-day needs and troubleshooting.

7. Services and Support. Certified Solution Provider teams can also be assembled to provide ongoing software and hardware support, including upgrades and lifecycle management.

8. Customer Experience Survey. Above all, we want to ensure that every client, in every location, is receiving the same premium-level service and seamless integration. PSNI’s post-integration survey ensures that we’re learning and improving as we go.

PSNI Table

Why is this Valuable to our Clients?

  • Leverage a trusted and vetted network of technology integrators in over 170 locations around the world.

  • As a client, you'll participate in a documentable process that aligns with your own: a complete rollout program approach from communication, design, drawings, scope and technology equipment and software.

  • There is less risk when using a single source integrator who can coordinate all labour resources, onsite inspection, training, labour unions and other organized work forces.

  • Support your local businesses and vendors with global connections.

  • Rest assured that you are working with experts in the local, regional, and global deployment processes. This saves time researching vendors, integration, and service partners globally.

  • As a client, you'll receive more accurate proposals in shorter time frames through the PSNI network of integrators.

  • Technology, programming, and inventory are standardized through the source integrator.

  • Benefit from vendor programs offered through the global network that standardize solutions and support.

  • Service and support are provided by the same companies who designed and installed the system.

  • You will be working with award-winning companies all under one contract agreement and managed by a single source partner.

  • Clients who are satisfied with their local and regional integrator members can now utilize those same technology partners and receive that same level of support globally.

MVCC's Presence at PSNI

Each year, PSNI holds a Supersummit for members from around the world. This 3-day conference consists of seminars and workshops with global AV leaders, and provides the opportunity to learn and discuss what's next in the industry on a global scale. Matrix executives have had the pleasure of attending the Supersummit in both 2022 and 2023, and one of our AV designers attended the PSNI Global Alliance Design Summit in 2022 in St. Louis. 

Images of the 2023 PSNI Super Summit

MVCC's CEO Glenn Burgess attended the 2022 Supersummit in Houston, Texas

Images of the 2023 PSNI Super Summit

MVCC's CEO Glenn Burgess and COO Robert Wojtas attended the 2023 Supersummit in Dallas, Texas

Get Started

No matter what AV challenges your organization faces, we can provide localized support that’s specific to your industry, your needs, and your technology. With 13 offices (and counting!) across Canada and access to more than 250 others around the globe through PSNI, MVCC's experienced team is recognized as one of Canada's top AV integrators. Talk to us about your global AV needs by reaching out to

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