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Split-room solutions involve configuring two or more adjoining rooms, so they may be used individually or as one big room, depending on your daily needs. With the help of our reliable control systems, we can program a split-room solution that conforms to your specific requirements. These rooms allow you to save space by enabling you to build larger conference rooms from smaller meeting rooms.

Seamless Integration

We have extensive experience when it comes to programming and installing split-room solutions. Because of this experience, we certify a seamless integration for all split-room solutions no matter the size and scope of the project. Our knowledgeable programmers will devise a solution according to your specifications that switches seamlessly from one room to two or more. And thanks to our well-established relationships with leading manufacturers, we have the best technology to do so.


Endless Configurations

Split-room solutions aren’t limited to the physical combination of two rooms with two possible configurations. In fact, one of our projects involved integrating four different rooms to provide eight custom room configurations. We even have experience connecting the control systems and audiovisual equipment in five detached meeting rooms across different floors! When needed, the control panels in these rooms sync together, allowing the rooms to act as one large, connected conference room. The possibilities available make split-room solutions ideal for a wide range of environments, including but not limited to the following:

Browse Our Multipurpose Environment Customer Success Stories Below:

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