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Start Your Career in the Audiovisual Industry With Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on Current Opportunities to find an open position that interests you and then click on “Apply for This Job” to apply.  Complete the application and Click Submit Application.  You will receive an email receipt that your application has been received. Our aim is to review applications within 48 hours.  That being said, we have had some roles where we have received a hundred applications in that time, so have taken a bit longer to review them for those roles.

You bet you can as there are jobs that are similar in nature, such as Technicians or Senior Installers.  However, we will question odd pairings such as applying for a Reception position and a Sales Account Manager role as the two roles are very different in nature and require much different experience.

The number one thing we will be looking for is experience related to the job posting. A primary hope is to see relevant experience in your two to three most recent roles. Don't be afraid to showcase key accomplishments in these roles. Another is that almost all of our jobs available throughout Matrix require some degree of attention to detail. So with that, we do expect your resume has been spell checked and grammar checked

After reviewing applications we would select our top candidates for an interview by sending an email invite. There are usually two rounds of interviews. The first round begins with either a phone interview or Teams virtual interview. If you are found to be the successful candidate from that round, then we would advance to an in person interview. Our goal is to have more than one interview and with more than one interviewer. Why? This helps give a more accurate view for us as the employer as different interviewers pick up on different information provided in an interview, and you the candidate get a more accurate idea of who you would be working with, and the expectations of the role.

1. Be. On. Time.

2. Review the Job Posting Prior to the interview and conduct a self-evaluation    to determine which tasks you qualify for the role. The more you become confident that you are qualified for a particular position, the better your performance during the interview will be.  

3. Be prepared to answer common interview questions as well as questions about your previous experience and how it relates to the role. 

4. Check us out on our company website and social media. What questions would you want to know before working at Matrix?

We ask all our interviewers to mention this in the interview. Letting you know when they expect to wrap up each round of interview. They will contact candidates back whether they are invited back for the next round of interviews or not. 

Installation Career Paths include Junior Installer, Installer, Senior Installer, Lead Installer, Technician, Lead Technician, and Field Engineer. There are also specialized roles they can grow into, such as Programmer, Support Specialist, and System Designer.

Sales Career Paths are full career paths in themselves, so they are excellent positions for new graduates to start in as there is a ton to learn. Our sales roles are designed with a lot of autonomy over their work so they can expect to manage the full life cycle of a customer from finding the sale, to initial consult, through project management, deployment, and then maintain any ongoing support. Students who have completed or are nearing completion of any technical, business, or even marketing degree or diploma programs are encouraged to apply!

Matrix can work with your educational institutions program whether it is part time work during your semester or between semesters. There are all paid positions.

We currently sponsor the Jesara Nichol Broadcasting Scholarship through Mount Royal University, and the Jesara Nichol Student Leadership Award through SAIT for any students enrolled in any broadcast technology programs so feel free to check those out. 

Matrix has a Diversity and Inclusion Policy which includes company strategies such as reviewing our recruitment strategies, our culture, employee awareness, our performance management processes, and even ensuring our annual company wide employee survey is anonymous for employees to have another channel to provide pure honest feedback for Matrix to improve upon.

Each department has their own mix of work/life balance principles. One example is our field employees, they work with banked time meaning a portion of their overtime is paid out and the rest is banked, so that when they need to come in late, leave early or take some extra time off beyond vacation, personal, and sick days, they can. Another is our office administration staff work 8:30am to 5:00pm with an hour lunch break meaning they work a 37.5 hour work week. We also provide an Employee Assistance Program and paid time off to help employees with work/life balance.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. For our admin staff that works out to 37.5 hours per week of work. Our installation team members have some flexibility to start their day at 7:30am, 8:00am, or 8:30am and take either a half hour or hour break throughout their day.

This is position dependent as we have positions in the company that must be in the office for their work week, and we have some positions that are completely remote. Our installation team members are required to visit the office for supplies and training, and client sites for installations. Our sales staff work a combination of in office, client sites, meetings, and remote work. Our administrative staff usually need to be in the office (accepting couriers, filing, signing off on documents, etc.) but do have the ability to at approved times, work from home. 

Business Casual. We do have some company clothing that sports our fine logo that many employees take advantage of wearing while onsite.

We provide a seamless digital onboarding experience that allows new hires to complete their new hire package over our online employee portal and know what to expect on their first day. Onboarding tickets get sent to key members in the organization to ensure we have everything prepared for a new hire's first day. We want new hires to feel welcomed and valued and set them up for success!

To learn more about the Matrix Team and our corporate culture follow us on social media!





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