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Vicoustic: The Most Elegant Solution for Sound Control

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

For those who do not know the importance of the crucial role acoustics play in a room environment, this one is for you.

Through Vicoustic's research and design, they discovered a way to eliminate the pain of poor acoustics within a room. Vicoustic's provides great acoustics to enhance rooms for great sound, while additionally providing an aesthetically pleasing design. The company's extensive portfolio includes a range of absorption and diffusion panels, insolation products, bass traps, portable and acoustics solutions for three business divisions:


Music & Broadcast

In this section you'll find professional acoustic treatment for studios, radio stations and TV studios. Vicoustic have the products that can turn an ordinary room into an amazing sounding studio or station. Take a look at how you can get the perfect sound for your individual room.



Studies have shown students perform better in acoustically treated environments, and getting the sound just right in a room is a difficult task. Over-reverbant classrooms makes it harder for pupils at the back of the room to hear the teacher. Over-dampened rooms can also hamper intelligibility. Vicoustic can solve these problems and we can help create custom made solutions for your requirements.


Office Spaces

The sonic environment of an office or call center can often be loud and messy. The larger the room, the noisier it will be, especially in modern buildings with large areas of bricks, concrete and glass. Vicoustic has a number of products that take care of such a problem. Discover more about office space opportunities today!


Contact Matrix Video Communications today to discover your opportunities with Vicoustic!

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