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Userful: Discover the Latest

Updated: Jan 24

Userful is a Calgary company that provides cloud and on premises AV-over-IP offerings for managing digital signage and other displays. Here are some of their latest achievements:


We had the privilege to be apart of the design and installation for the Calgary Tower’s Theatre Room. The Calgary Tower wanted to build a Theatre, but were limited with space. We created a curved video wall with 21 55” screens that offers the audience an immersive experience. The scalability and flexibility of Userful offered a huge benefit to this project. Userful's software is user-friendly, cost effective, and time effective because of its one main central control center.

See the Tower's Theatre room in action here.


Userful completed a successful project in Dubai for Nestle’s Digital Acceleration Centre. This team was looking for an interactive solution to help make their day-to-day creative work flow (and digital screens) run more efferently and smoothly. Nestle had a pain that their screens were not interactive and had difficultly putting any data on screens. Userful provided a solution to connect all screens together, helping Nestle achieve a user-friendly experience and interface throughout their day to day work life. This user-friendly software allows any team member to change displays on the screens to video or picture; all depending on your desired visual goals through any meeting or session. Nestle can deploy any content using their computer or mobile device. Userful’s solution helped the entire environment become more interactive and creative. Check out their space below:


Userful Corporation launched the first Visual Networking Platform, an architecture that centrally manages all video and visual communication throughout an entire organization. The visual networking platform enables and accelerates digital transformation by way of deployment, management and control of multiple visual display applications across the organization. AV/IT managers can choose either an on-premise server solution, a fully cloud based solution, or even select the hybrid option combining cloud services with on-premise servers, depending on their needs and content applications. Leveraging the flexibility of a visual network platform to power all requirements in a multi-site environment is a key strength for organizations wanting to effectively utilize their display assets.

To learn more, click here or watch Userful unveil their product at ISE 2019 below.


Contact one of our experts today to explore your opportunities with Userful!

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