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Thermal Detection Solutions

Updated: May 29, 2020

Matrix Video Communications has a of lineup solutions which can detect and monitor human body temperature. New thermal cameras are available which are capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement.

What’s the Solution?

This technology is an effective temperature measurement which is accurate and safe. Thermal cameras allow your business to quickly screen multiple individuals at the same time without personal contact – which increases efficiency and safety. When abnormal results are detected, visual alerts will appear immediately.

What are the Application Scenario’s?

  • Airport

  • Public Transportation

  • Commercial Building

  • Hospital

  • Education

  • Retail

  • And more!

How Does it Work?

FLIR offers a thermal imager which is focused on the face of the person to be screened with the main region of interest being on the area of the face nearest the tear ducts (the most representative area for internal body temperature). When using a handheld camera, the operator simply points the imager at the person being screened and looks for the highest temperature. The more complete, automated systems involve the person to be screened stepping into an area where the fixed imager is constantly focused and ensuring that their face fills a majority of the predetermined area on the screen. This system constantly updates and alerts to any temperatures over a preset threshold.

Deva's technology features a body temperature measurement system to help security personnel screen employees or visitors. The ability to provide early symptoms' detection prevents transmission from sick people and screening others who may not know they have a fever. Deva offers a series of powerful safety device functionalities capable of identifying the number of people in an area while responding in real-time when the number of people goes beyond set limits. This allows to prevent people from congregating and helps in the implementation of the social distancing regulations.

Dahua Technology’s new thermal camera is capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3°C (with black-body, a calibration device for accurate temperature readings). With a built-in AI algorithm, it can measure multiple people from a distance of 9.8 feet away and 4.3 feet wide, enabling fast assessment without personal contact.

A popular product from Dahua is the Thermal Temperature Station Floor stand. The video above showcases this one piece stand is designed for quick deployment and portability.

Hikvision Performance Series Thermal Cameras make advanced thermal imaging features affordable. These cameras are include reliable fever detection alarms. Hikvision carries the standard cameras, as well as handheld cameras.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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