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Sennheiser: TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Updated: Jan 24

Yesterday, we had a fantastic opportunity to be apart of Sennheiser's live demo of their perfected ceiling mounted beamforming technology: the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone- and in fact it IS true that hearing is believing!

The quality of this second generation microphone was off the charts as our Calgary team video video-conferenced into their Montreal office and listened to two individuals simulate a meeting. The speaker wandered the room, wrote on a whiteboard, they talked over each other all to impressive results to us in the far location, sound was clear and consistent. The unit has 28 omni-directional capsules that automatically switch to track the speaker in the conference room. No manual or alignment is required.

During meetings, participants can move freely and flexibly in the room, sit at the table or give presentations with the TeamConnect Ceiling 2. This microphone can be installed in the ceiling,

suspended, or on the ceiling to please any and all design requirements. Whether for conferencing, presentation or collaboration with remote participants: TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is designed to automatically adapt to every imaginable use case and is the perfect fit for every mid to large-sized meeting room.

Our team of experts are here to help you find the perfect modern way of doing remote meetings. Contact us today to learn more about the TeamConnect Ceiling 2!

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