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PDi: Proven. Dedicated. Innovative.

Matrix Video Communications is now a direct reseller of PDi Communication Systems! 🎉

For nearly 40 years, PDi has been a leader in serving healthcare providers with products to fit the demanding and evolving needs of healthcare environments. PDi focuses on consistent quality and continuous improvement, bringing you the knowledge and experience you can trust.

Wondering how PDi can transform the patient experience? Take a look at some personal patient device applications examples below:

Headwall Mounts

This arm-mounted system can be placed at the headwall or sidewall and is a popular choice for a number of reasons. This personal device allows for the perfect viewing angles for patients, staff, and visitors and is very easy to use. The swing arm can rotate toward any individual in the room, or retract flat against the wall if the nurse or patient wants to put it away.

Common applications include:

  • Chemo infusion and dialysis clinics

  • Emergency rooms, surgery centers and more

  • Rehabilitation hospitals

  • Senior living or long-term care centers

Chair Mounts

Technology devices are evolving into more compact designs, leaving it easier to mount these devices in places that have less permanence than on the wall or on the ceiling. Patient device on chairs offers patients a real sense of ownership and feels like home comfort. The mounted option of a PDi device chairs provides a personal position for the TV or TV-tablet in proximity to the patient.

Common applications include:

  • Dialysis and infusion clinic spaces

Mobile Cart

Delivering entertainment, connectivity and education with technology devices doesn't mean you need to take on a renovation or installation in your facility. PDi offers a very flexible alternative to deliver patient entertainment with a device mounted to a mobile cart. This application is particularly useful for when a virtual translator is needed from time to time.

Common applications include:

  • Temporary healthcare spaces

  • Overflow patient areas

  • Small patient exam rooms or waiting rooms

  • Telehealth or translation services

  • Senior living centers

  • Situations where patients are moving frequently

At Matrix Video Communications, we will evaluate your application goals and provide you the best technology solution to fit your healthcare environment needs. PDi offers a completely flexible lineup because every facility infrastructure and associated patient experience is unique.

Contact us today to bring the most value and patient satisfaction for your healthcare setting.

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