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Neat: The Best Solution for IT & Users

Isn’t it great when no one has to sacrifice? For instance, the best video devices for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams is Neat. Additionally, Neat is the best solution for both IT teams and their users.

IT and AV professionals prefer Neat because:

  • Purpose-built for Zoom and Microsoft Teams

  • Embarrassingly easy to install, set up, and use

  • Neat all-in-one devices include built-in compute, AI-powered cameras, and powerful speakers and microphones - meaning no laptops, tablets, and peripheral speakers will clutter your meeting room tables

  • Dynamic portfolio of devices and features to address all types of meeting spaces

Users prefer Neat because:

  • Neat blurs the lines between technology and human interaction over video

  • Provides a more “life like” experience on video, enabling everyone to be seen and heard, with their presence equally felt no matter where meeting participants are (home, office, elsewhere)

  • Neat AI-powered cameras keep meeting participants in focus, even when they shift, stand up, or move about the room.

  • Turns meetings into cinematic productions that enable freedom of movement and organic conversations, promoting wellness, motivation and energy.

We’ve all seen the statistics about workers preferring a hybrid work model. Ensuring your team members can effectively collaborate in a hybrid environment is critical to employee productivity, satisfaction, and retainment.

You know your business better than anyone. Matrix Video Communications Corp. knows video collaboration better than anyone. Let us help you simplify and improve the video experience for both your IT team and for your global users.


Contact us via the link or at for more information on Neat products. Or, check out our Matrix Minute video featuring the Neat Bar.

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