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2019 Technology Expo - What You Missed!

On January 10th, 2019, MVCC hosted their annual Technology Expo at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. With over 30 vendors and 10 seminars, our guests were in for a real treat.


First off, on behalf of MVCC we want to thank our vendors, sponsors, and those who came to spend the day with us! Each and every one of you made our Technology Expo possible.

Our Vendors brought their "A" game, and contributed some of the latest technology in the audio visual world. From 8K screens to the latest equipment in the broadcast industry, our attendees got a glimpse into the future of technology.


Our Technology Expo had 10 seminars that went into depth about interesting topics. If you didn't get a chance to see one you had your eyes on, here is a quick recap:

Sony's Vision Exchange and Projectors:

We saw how Vision Exchange creates an immersive environment for lecturers, students and colleagues to learn, collaborate and brainstorm ideas. This is a cost-effective, easy to configure and intuitive for any user, and a total active learning solution that is ideal for universities and colleges of higher education, as well as corporate conference rooms. This session also featured the latest in Sony laser projection technology.

Sharp's Progression of Display Technology:

Jim Seto took a look at how we have evolved from HD to 4K and discussed how the future looks with the emergence of 8K technology displays (there was even an 8K on display!)

Dejero's Connectivity Everywhere:

Praveen Gupta explained the innovations and opportunities as to why many organizations are moving their data to the cloud. Reliable connectivity to access and exchange data is important and having only one connection path leaves organizations vulnerable. We learned that Dejero’s approach of blending cellular, satellite, and wireless IP connections from different network providers allows us to deliver fast, dependable, and secure bandwidth – when you need it, where you need it.

MVCC - How Technology is Changing the Corporate Landscape:

Marielle Crisanti and Robert Wojtas looked at recent and unique designs and installations across numerous applications completed by MVCC across Canada. With many different use cases, they focused on the specific choices for the technology used.

Crestron's AV over IP and NVX:

Jonathan Garcia took a deep dive into why enterprise organizations are always looking for ways to increase efficiencies and cut overhead costs as they grow. One of the strategies implemented is providing a secure platform to create a scalable AV environment. In short, a scalable AV environment results in significant cost savings when future-proofing conference rooms, board rooms, huddle spaces, etc. It was quite evident that Crestron has created the world’s highest quality, fastest and most secure product in this space. DM NVX the gold standard.

Omnivex's Digital Signage and the Strategy for Success:

Jenn Nelson's presentation was both enlightening and interesting. She started off by explaining behind every project needs to be cohesive and defined objectives with predetermined methods to measure the success or failure of the outcome(s). Omnivex’ Digital Agility Practice can help establish VALUE and alignment with business goals.

Polycom's Future of Unified Communications:

This session described the evolution of Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams and how that affects corporate collaboration. Polycom went into depth about the impact will Teams have on current Skype for Business installation and what future considerations should be made.

Christie's Content of the Future - Projection Mapping:

Kyle Killing explored the various tiers of Christie Mystique for automated alignment and calibration. This flexible software provides a new level of convenience. With Christie Mystique, the pains of warping and blending are now a thing of the past, and system maintenance is as simple as the click of a button.

Spectralogic's Content of Ecosystem of the Future:

Hossien ZiaShakeri taught us all about the new hybrid cloud ecosystem, how it can protect content indefinitely, scale to accommodate massive content growth, and adapt in lockstep with changing business needs.

Sony's HDR for A New World of Imagery:

Morais Russell from sony conveyed how High Dynamic Range (HDR) transforms visual storytelling to amazing audiences with unprecedented contrast, color and clarity. It works by preserving a greater range of scene rightness from deepest shadows to brightest highlights. Today, distribution and display technologies are catching up, bringing audiences an altogether new experience.

We had giveaways, from a 32' Panasonic TV to a Fujifilm Instax camera! It was an all around great day filled with great people (and wine)! Thank you again to everyone who took time our of their day to stop by.

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