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How Can You Benefit from Cloud Based Video Collaboration?

Due to the dynamic nature of the business landscape and the changing needs of organizations, videoconferencing has emerged as the most popular form of communication in the business world. Situations are unpredictable, and it’s possible that you may find yourself in a circumstance where you will have to work remotely. Why are video conferencing solutions so popular? Check out the points below:

1. Flexibility

The scalability of cloud based Video Conferencing is limitless. Cloud video services allow you to adapt to your situation, giving you the ability to work remotely whenever and whenever.

2. Simplicity

Integrating video into your company’s routine increases connectivity and collaboration. A cloud-based solution requires only the basics - an internet connection and email address, and then voila!

3. Enhanced Productivity

When the collaboration becomes easier and communication gets clarity, the productivity of teams across geographies is bound to increase.

Matrix Video Communications is excited to announce a free online video meeting and messaging solution from StarLeaf! It is available worldwide and across all devices, requiring only an internet connection and an email address to get started. StarLeaf, the global provider of meeting room solutions and video conferencing services for enterprises, announced measures for supporting customers and new users to maintain business continuity and to enable remote working for all employees during the coronavirus crisis.

Matrix Video Communications has 25 years of experience audiovisual solutions that are tailor-made for the unique collaboration needs of your specific business. Through the implementation of world-class technology, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions to our clients that enable a better way of working together.

Want to ask a question about the importance of collaboration in today’s workplace? Contact us here.

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