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Introducing: A Digital Revolution

Digital canvas is a new term for displaying digital art onto multiple displays. It’s used to add ambiance and décor to any environment. A digital canvas is sometimes referred to as a “digital art-wall,” “video art-wall,” or “artistic wall" where businesses have an opportunity to place an array of displays, positioned creatively, to display scenes of digital content or video clips. This includes motion graphics and still-art images. Some use motion with still images. Many retailers are beginning to be extremely creative with programming content for a digital canvas. Many retail-store designers, architects, and interior designers are incorporating digital canvases into their architectural designs.

Synching multiple monitors makes for unique visual effects. Displays used for video art-walls can be spaced apart to create unique design effects. You can mix and match screen sizes, orientations and/or mount them irregularly to develop a one-of-a-kind, visual art-wall that can become a memorable experience. Our Calgary Tower project is a perfect example of how different from the traditional video-wall configuration can truly be.


What makes an artistic art-wall unique is the content. Images can be choreographed on multiple displays, or can be a single image on all screens. The content can be still images, motion graphics or a video. Designing the content for an artistic art-wall is an art in itself. But if done correctly, it could be an amazing attraction and a real attention-grabber as well as an enhancement to any environment.

Using creative display patterns, interior designers can create focal points with endless possibilities for creative expression, delivering a compelling display of art and information. It can generate a desired emotional reaction or build a brand experience.

Matrix Video Communications has an in-house Digital Art expert. Contact us to learn more about the potential of using technology as art pieces.

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