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Matrix is Now an OECM Supplier Partner

OECM Logo and Matrix Video Communications Corp Logo

Matrix Video Communications Corp. is proud to announce our Supplier Partner status with the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM)! Matrix has been listed as a qualified vendor for the supply and installation of Digital Signage, Digital Scoreboards, and Audio-Visual Systems Solutions, and is one of only two companies to serve all zones of Ontario in all three categories. Matrix was selected through a competitive sourcing process that complies with the BPS Procurement Directive.

OECM Supplier Zones Map

An AV system in a Gym including a projector and sound system. This system is available to OECM customers through the supplier, Matrix Video Communications Corp.

What We Offer

After engaging in a competitive procurement process, Matrix Video Communications Corp. is proud to offer products and services relating to Digital Signage, Digital Scoreboards, and Audio-Visual Systems Solutions. With 30 years of experience and over 127 trained professionals on staff, Matrix is prepared to provide the most technically advanced, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions to publicly funded organizations in Ontario.

Having experienced a wide spectrum of broadcast and AV applications has given us unique insight into what works and what doesn’t; Matrix is a strategic technology partner who will assess requirements and communication challenges, provide recommendations, and design the appropriate solution for every client’s unique circumstances. Focusing on your individual technology needs, we produce new ideas and develop effective strategies – all with the end goal of delivering high-quality, scalable audiovisual solutions tailored to your organization. Matrix is excited to continue to serve the public sector and grow our presence in Ontario through OECM.

A map of Matrix Video Communications Corp's offices across Canada. 13 offices nationwide give Matrix the resources to be an effective OECM supplier partner.

As a company, Matrix represents over 300 manufacturers, holds over 100 certifications, and employs staff who hold CTS, CTS-I, CTS-D and more. With a total of 67 installers, technicians, and programmers we can draw from any of our Canadian offices to support our local teams, MVCC’s operational motto uniquely provides our clients with “Techs Without Borders”: an initiative that allows us to scale up or down any project as needed. Regardless of geographical location, our clients have access to our entire team of technical experts, ensuring our most knowledgeable team members are assigned to the most challenging applications.

A modern post-secondary classroom with an upgraded AV system. This setup is available to OECM customers through the supplier partner, Matrix Video Communications Corp.

About OECM

OECM is a Broader Public Sector, not-for-profit group procurement organization, offering a marketplace of competitively sourced and priced products and services that deliver savings and efficiencies to Ontario’s publicly funded organizations. OECM contracts with innovative, reputable suppliers to offer a comprehensive choice of products and services, to generate significant savings for their customers.

A large, LED digital scoreboard in a gym. This setup is available to OECM customers through the supplier partner, Matrix Video Communications Corp.

Next Steps

If you are a publicly funded organization in Ontario and a customer of OECM, please Contact Us via our online form or by email to for a no-cost site visit and consultation. If you are not yet an OECM customer, getting started is free and easy! Reach out to us today to learn more.

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