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Videos Every Enterprise Should be Producing In-House

Updated: May 3

Today, when it comes to effective communication in modern corporations, video leads. Chances are that you, like the majority of modern enterprises, already know this. In fact, you’re probably producing video on a regular basis.

You may be using video as part of an ongoing program covering launch events and conferences. Or you could be using it for occasional one-offs like quarterly earning sessions and all-hands meetings. You might be keeping it simple and in-house for small productions or even outsourcing it to a third party for the really big projects. But if you’re like most enterprises we speak to, you’re probably not seeing the full potential video can bring to your organization. And that’s just not right.

Tap into the full power of video.

The good news is you can use video to do so much more than most companies ever imagine. It’s now easy to deliver broadcast-quality productions without committing to TV station budgets or facilities. And best of all, it’s all within the reach of anyone with even the most basic AV skills.

In this guide we’re going to explore the two crucial components to realizing the full power of video for your business: immediate delivery (even live) and studio-style, multi-camera mixing enabling you to turn a talking head into a network show. (Just like broadcast TV, only with simpler tools you don’t have to be an expert to master.) We’ll look at the 3 key types of video every enterprise should be producing in-house (though three is just the start and if you look at the link at the bottom of this blog it will take you to an eBook with three additional types). And we’ll explore how next generation tools make it easy for anyone to deliver studio-style, broadcast-quality video production in house.

Let’s get started.

Video 1: We’ve Got to Start Meeting Like This: Re-thinking the all-hands meeting.

Getting everyone together in the same place at the same time is always the best way to deliver important information. It gives all your staff direct access to senior management and ensures everyone hears the same story at the same time. More than this, it means key questions can also be addressed right there with everyone in the room.

These types of meetings are fine if you’re a small or even a mid-sized business. But they become almost impossible when you are a major enterprise with national and international locations.

Bridge the gap with video.

Worried about the expense of flying in key staff? It’s time to take a different approach. Simply use live streaming video to deliver your message in real time across your offices and around the world. That way, everyone can take part—whether they’re at their desks in the office or at home on their iPads.

What’s more, you don’t even need all your presenters to be in the same place or even the same country. Add multi-camera production and you’ll be able to easily bring country leaders and sector experts into the same place, at the same time, and even on the same virtual set—even via a Zoom or Teams call.

Multiple locations. Multiple benefits.

The advantages of live-streaming and multi-camera production are clear:

  • Everyone gets the same information at the same time.

  • People can ask questions and get answers immediately.

  • Their first-hand experience means they’ll retain the information longer.

  • The result can be made available for on-demand viewing on your intranet later.

  • You can share it on social channels for extra viewing and wider feedback.

  • And you get the kind of production values which will make everyone proud.

Video 2: Delivering the Real-Time Awesome: Bringing live demos to life on screen.

Salespeople in software have known about the benefit of live on-screen demonstrations for years. But what do you do when your product is physical? In fact, what if it’s the size of an elephant or bolted to the floor? And what if the prospective buyer is in another country and the demo needs to be live and 1-to-1?

Get real-time face time with multi-camera video.

Let your top salespeople use real-time video to give key prospects an in-depth demonstration of any product—no matter where they are based or how large or complex the product is.

With a second camera, you can quickly and easily focus in on key details and critical differences, delivering a better (that is, more persuasive) sales experience. You can also extend that experience out to multiple locations and bring in technical experts to help bring the demo to life.

Face-to-face contact. Full flexibility.

Using multi-camera video for your product demos allows you to:

  • Get the next best thing to a face-to-face experience with full 1-to-1 interaction.

  • Be more flexible about when you get in front of time constrained prospects (and be able to patch in multiple decision makers across multiple locations)

  • Capture launch demos right from the show floor and deliver breaking news worldwide.

  • Run supporting content such as video customer endorsements as part of the presentation.

The result? You end up with more compelling demonstrations available to more people in more places—all delivering more sales opportunities.

Video 3: Learning to Sell from the Best: Keeping your salespeople and resellers at the top of their game.

As you know, sales are the lifeblood of virtually every modern enterprise. If your business is to succeed in highly competitive markets, your team needs to be able to outsell the competition.

Of course, often it’s not just your own people who need to do the selling. It’s just as important to ensure your partners and resellers are enthusiastic and trained too, making sure your products stand out from everything else they carry.

Delivering great training takes time. And it can be expensive to get everyone together in the same place, at the same time. This means when you launch a new product, your sales team’s ability to sell it effectively could lag behind.

Fortunately, there is a way to get everyone up to speed, quickly and easily.

Real-time video means real results.

Real-time video allows you to deliver professional training to your sales teams, wherever they are in the world. You can put your very best experts on camera, so your teams get the very best experience and expertise. And you can make it live and real-time enabling your salespeople to ask the questions which really matter.

On-demand information. Always on offer.

Real-time video offers your sales team immediate benefits:

  • On-demand training is available at any time, so anyone can get an instant refresher or be on-boarded and start selling faster.

  • You can match your training videos with knowledge tests to check how well they’re working, adapting your messages accordingly.

  • You can use in-depth analytics to see exactly who has been trained and how they benefited from it.

There’s no doubt, real-time video training offers your sales teams the vital information they need, when they need it, wherever they are in the world. And you’ll see the results every day on your bottom line.

Conclusion: Do More. Get More. Pay Less.

Today, enterprise video is more powerful than ever. It offers a direct route to greater engagement whether from your customers, partners, or employees. Producing broadcast quality video in house is also easier than you may realize.

Run a video production studio from your desktop.

Systems like Vizrt’s TriCaster® enable your people to be up and running fast without crazy learning curves.

Within a short period, they’ll be able to mix cameras, audio, video, computer sources, and graphics. They’ll be able to add virtual sets, recording, streaming, and more. It’s the all-in-one, multi-camera video production studio—suitable for any situation. What’s more, in-house solutions are more cost-effective than ever.

External costs quickly mount up with every traditional third-party production you create. By bringing everything in house, you can quickly offset your initial costs with the substantial savings you’ll make over the life of the equipment.

In fact, you’ll see a positive ROI from replacing just one or two expensive third-party productions. But don’t take our word for it. The Aberdeen Group has found that best-in class companies typically see an ROI in excess of 180% in as little as 6 months.

And if you start by delivering the videos in this guide (and as many others as you like), you’ll see greater engagement, expanded reach, lower travel costs, happier staff, more sales, increased search visibility, and a more cohesive brand.

If that sounds good, we should talk.

Reach out to to discuss Vizrt’s Tricaster® and how it can help you take your in-house video to the next level.

This blog post has just 3 of the ideas for enterprise level video, for 3 additional ideas visit:

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