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Dahua Technology: Enabling a Safer & Smarter Living

Updated: May 27, 2020

Dahua's thermal camera solutions are a non-contact automatic temperature monitoring solution. Thermal temperature monitoring solutions are a form of cut-edge technology that can play a crucial role in monitoring temperatures.

These cameras can support monitoring up to 30 people per second. This out performs handheld solutions with an added bonus of eliminating the fear of cross contamination from face to face contact. No posing or removal of head ware/face masks is required for Dahua's thermal camera.

Live alerts can be enabled when the camera picks up an elevated temperature. This technology can detect and reject false positives, such as a hot drink - leaving this technology to be a very efficient and reliable source.

Dahua's solutions have a strong adaptability for indoor indoor environments such as: business entrances or exits, screen tourists for temperature in indoor applications, and larger indoor applications within airports or railway stations.

Dahua's technology is here to help you enhance workplace safety by:

  • Helping identify elevated temperatures for workers safety

  • Helping identify elevated temperatures for visitors

  • Helping identify elevated temperatures for commercial businesses to move forward and create more comfort for customers

A popular product from Dahua is the Thermal Temperature Station Floor stand. This one piece stand is designed for quick deployment and portability.

Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) is dedicated to help you create and provide a safe work environment. Dahua Technology is available across all 8 of our offices in Canada. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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