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Rogers Place: Project


A Complete Audiovisual System

The University of Lethbridge was first established in 1967 in Lethbridge, Alberta. They have since opened up a second campus in Calgary, Alberta. This university is a public research university that offers over 150 undergraduate degrees in programs including Arts, Sciences, Management, Education, Health Sciences, and Fine Arts. They also provide over 50 Masters and PhD programs. In 2012, the University was given the award for “Research University of the Year” in the undergraduate category!


In 2019, the University of Lethbridge unveiled their newest building: the Science Commons building, which houses the chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience, biological sciences, psychology, physics, and astronomy departments. As a new building, it called for a complete, new audiovisual system. The University was especially in need of presentation systems that included an audio component to provide a fully collaborative environment for their students.  


Matrix supplied, installed, and integrated all audiovisual systems in the brand-new Science Commons building. The scope of this project consisted of multiple spaces—including an auditorium, an atrium, tiered lecture spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, and teaching labs—with a variety of uses. To ensure each space was set up in the best configuration possible, we designed each

area individually.


The whole project involved the installation of the following equipment: Crestron NVX devices, Crestron control touch panels, Shure wireless microphones, a Biamp DSP, JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers, VDO360 tracking cameras, Mersive Solstice Pods, Panasonic projectors and projector screens, a Behringer control board, and UHD displays.


During the course of this project, Matrix deployed over 260 Crestron NVX devices (encoders and decoders) throughout the Science Commons building. Each space also included a Crestron touch panel control system for full control over the audiovisual equipment. All the programming and GUIs for these Crestron systems were designed in house by our Crestron Master Certified Programmer. We also provided DSP programming for the entire building.


Within the auditorium, which can seat up to 246 people, Matrix installed two Panasonic 12,600-lumens projectors and two 86” UHD displays for impeccable image quality in all presentations. Presenters can choose which equipment they would rather use or even use both simultaneously if they have extra material to feature. We also equipped the room with wireless Shure microphones for the presenters, JBL speakers, and a Behringer control board behind the scenes to ensure optimal sounds throughout the entire space, so all audience members can understand the information being presented. To enable wireless presentations, we installed a Mersive Solstice Pod; this technology allows for even remote presenters to feel as if they are in the room with

their audience.


The atrium—located at the heart of the building—has multiple uses. Featuring various collaboration spaces from small huddle tables to large meeting spaces, the atrium acts as a gathering place for those seeking to expand their knowledge. The Crestron control system makes for an intuitive audiovisual system simple enough for anyone to use! For a crystal-clear presentation source, we implemented a 108”x192” projector screen as well as a Panasonic 20,000-lumens projector. Once again, the addition of a Mersive Soltice Pod makes wireless presentations effortless. Like the auditorium, all sound in the atrium is provided by JBL line-array speakers. Meanwhile, Shure wireless microphones run through a Biamp digital server.  


Matrix designed the audiovisual installations in the tiered lecture spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, and teaching labs to provide for optimal teaching and collaborative learning experiences. From movable displays to Mersive Soltice pods to intuitive GUIs, each of these spaces was designed for ease of use, ensuring a productive learning environment.

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