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Rogers Place: Project


A Complete Presentation System

The BC Children’s Hospital, which has been located in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1928, offers health care for infant and pediatric patients until they reach the age of 19. In conjunction with the BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre, the Children’s Hospital runs the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. The Hospital is also associated with UBC’s Faculty of Medicine. This association provides UBC’s medical students with the opportunity for hands-on learning when it comes to infant and pediatric care.


Up-to-date audiovisual equipment is crucial for high-quality levels of health care. This equipment aids in patient monitoring as well as staff and student presentations. That’s why the UBC Faculty of Medicine needed an audiovisual equipment renewal in four rooms at the BC Children’s Hospital. The updated equipment implemented in this project is now used for videoconferencing, meetings, and presentations.


This project was Matrix’s first supply-and-install project for the UBC Faculty of Medicine. The key to this project was effective communication and team effort from all parties involved. Matrix supplied, installed, and programmed two meeting spaces, one theatre, and one lecture room in the BC Children’s Hospital. Prior to the installation, Matrix also decommissioned and recycled the old audiovisual system. This entire project took place during the Covid lockdown; we followed all Covid-19 safety rules and protocols to ensure the safety of our staff as well as the Hospital’s staff.


The main components of this project include the following: Biamp Tesira Forte AVB Audio DSPs, Panasonic 55” and 65” Pro LED monitors, Crestron switchers, Crestron distribution amps, Crestron transmitters and receivers, QSC power amplifiers, Audio Technica lectern microphones, Shure wireless microphone receivers, Chief wall mounts, Cisco room kits, Cisco touch 10 systems, Countryman over-ear microphones, and Dell 24” touchscreen monitors.


Panasonic monitors of varying sizes were placed in every room to enable presentations and lectures as well as videoconferencing. Each of these monitors is mounted on the wall, using Chief wall mounts. Every room also includes a Cisco room kit that provides audio and video for videoconferencing and a Cisco touch system for full control over the system, including room lights. All Cisco equipment in this project was supplied by the end user, with all programming performed by Matrix to the Faculty of Medicine’s IT specifications.


The lecture room and the theatre are both equipped with most of the same components. For presenter audio, we supplied lectern microphones as well as over-ear microphones to provide options for presenters to walk around the room while still being heard. In these rooms, the presenter microphones are wireless thanks to the Shure wireless receiver. These rooms also use Crestron transmitters, receivers, and switchers for complete control over any presentation materials. All audio in these rooms is provided through existing wall-mounted speakers; the audio in the theatre is reinforced by QSC amps to ensure everyone can accurately hear any presentation sound. To control audio signals, we installed a Biamp DSP, which we also programmed to the end user’s specifications. Finally, one Dell touchscreen is mounted onto the front podium in these two rooms to ensure presenters have control over their presentation material.


To ensure the success of this project, Matrix’s lead technician was present for all room commissioning and testing to guarantee the system was working to the Faculty of Medicine’s high standards.

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