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Rogers Place: Project


Dependable Control Room Video Wall

TransGas Limited is responsible for overseeing the TransGas Pipeline, which transports natural gas from Saskatchewan to Alberta, Manitoba, and the United States. Their headquarters is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, and they supervise close to 15,000km of pipelines as well as eight storage facilities. TransGas Limited is completely owned by their parent company, SaskEnergy. Additionally, TransGas own the sole right to move natural gas throughout the province of Saskatchewan, making them the only natural gas transportation company in this province.


TransGas Limited has an extremely important job since they are effectively responsible for transporting gas to the whole of Saskatchewan. Given this fact, they must have an accurate, consistent way of monitoring their pipeline system. Otherwise, the entire province could be at risk of lacking sufficient energy for their needs. Therefore, TransGas needs a reliable provincial monitoring station that will allow them to keep a close eye on their gas distribution.

Before Matrix’s involvement, they were using a projector and screen in the command centre. However, this proved insufficient for their needs as they had to constantly adjust their room light to be able to see the information clearly. Fed up with their current system, TransGas chose Matrix through an RFP process to upgrade their existing system into something more dependable.


With the help of Mitsubishi, Matrix designed, supplied, and installed all aspects of this project. We also provided consultation before the initiation of the project to ensure we designed the proper solution for TransGas’s needs. The solution we came up with was a video wall system. Following its installation, we offered training on this new system as well.


The main components of this video wall project include the following: six 60” HD Mitsubishi DLP Display Wall Cubes, a Mitsubishi Diamond Grid Industrial Display Wall Controller Server, and Mitsubishi DWALL Display Wall Management & Control Software.


The six display cubes are configured into a 2x3 video wall, which is being used to monitor the flow of TransGas’s major natural gas pipelines in their Saskatchewan control room. Video walls in control rooms help companies organize their operations to enable effective decision making. That’s why display wall content and management of that content is so important. To easily deliver content to their screens, we installed the Diamond Grid Controller Server. Once the content is directed to the screens, TransGas staff can effortlessly rearrange the content across screens with the Display Wall Management & Control Software. Both the Controller Server and the Software were designed specifically with control rooms in mind, making them a perfect fit for this application.


As previously mentioned, Matrix underwent an RFP process to receive this project. When we were awarded the project, it was not because of price, but because of our substantial knowledge and expertise. Because of this knowledge, TransGas felt confident that we would be an excellent long-term partner for their business.

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