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Rogers Place: Project


A Library AV System

Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario is a public research university that was first established in 1841. It offers a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate—including both master’s and doctorate programs, and professional degrees. As a member of the U15 group of Canadian Research-Intensive Universities, Queen’s manages six research centres and institutes. They also have a joint academic publishing house with McGill called the McGill-Queen’s University Press.


As an older university, it is inevitable that Queen’s will need occasional renovations and even entirely new buildings and rooms. Although the Stauffer Library isn’t exactly new, some of their rooms are, and these rooms required complete audiovisual systems in order to be a true asset to the University. Specifically, Queen’s needed equipment to facilitate meetings and videoconferencing. They also wanted the ability to stream lectures.


Matrix Video Communications Corp. has done multiple projects at Queen’s University. We have installed audiovisual equipment in more than 60 rooms throughout their campus. These rooms range from large lecture theatres to small huddle rooms and conference rooms and everything in between. The project described below included the design, supply, and installation of equipment in a new room in the Stauffer Library.


This project involved the installation of the following components: Sony 4K professional displays, Extron controls, and a Sony SRG 360 PTZ camera.


The Stauffer Library’s new rooms was equipped with Sony displays to allow for presentations in meetings. These monitors also enable lecture streaming. When using the room for videoconferencing, the monitors are used to display the videos of those on the other side of the call. To ensure all participants can see their videoconferencing partners equally, the displays are spread out throughout the room, so they are accessible to all. For high-resolution videoconferencing from this room, Matrix also installed a Sony PTZ camera. This camera produces exceptional image quality, guaranteeing that those on the other side of the call do not miss a thing even if they aren’t physically in the room. Finally, we implemented an Extron system to easily control the other equipment from one central source.


As mentioned above, Matrix has worked on a variety of projects throughout the campus at Queen’s. In fact, they are so pleased with our work that we have been their vendor of record for the last three years, working on projects of all scopes and sizes.

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