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Why Choose Matrix? We Offer "Techs Without Borders"!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Audiovisual equipment is a necessity for most workplaces nowadays. With advances in technology and a global pandemic, equipment that allows people to connect while remaining safely distanced is more important than ever before. While this technology is vital to having an efficient workplace, there can sometimes be barriers to implementing an audiovisual installation, such as proximity to audiovisual companies, conflicting schedules, etc. These obstacles might cause companies to neglect their audiovisual needs altogether, which can, in turn, cause their workplaces to become less productive and—throughout this pandemic—less safe. At Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC), we don’t want these barriers to hinder anyone. That’s why we offer our unique operational structure “Techs Without Borders”: to ensure everyone has access to the audiovisual equipment they need to enhance their businesses. Learn more about this operational structure below:


What is “Techs Without Borders”?

“Techs Without Borders” is MVCC’s unique operational motto that provides every one of our clients with access to our company’s entire team of technology experts regardless of our clients’ geographical locations within Canada. Our locations span across Canada in nine different cities, but we are not limited to business within these cities. We deliver our full range of services anywhere in Canada at no additional travel cost to the client!

This motto assures every client that their project is in more-than-capable hands as we are able to schedule our team in a way that allows us to use as many resources as required on any given project. As a result, all of our projects are given the attention they need to thrive regardless of geographical location or project size. “Techs Without Borders” also ensures that we can complete multiple projects simultaneously since we can effectively distribute our team to where they are needed most at any given time.

How will “Techs Without Borders” benefit your business?

How this operational structure will benefit your business depends on the type of business you have as well as your specific audiovisual system needs. As mentioned above, the most obvious benefit provided by “Techs Without Borders” is that no one has to pay extra travel fees. This mostly benefits smaller towns and cities in which we don’t have any offices. In this case, despite having smaller budgets and limited access to audiovisual companies, businesses can still access the equipment they need to become more efficient. On the other hand, if your business is within one our cities, you may be thinking this feature doesn’t directly benefit you. The truth is it does! Let’s say you want to install a larger audiovisual system as soon as possible, and when you contact our local office, we don’t have enough local technicians or programmers available to handle your audiovisual needs. With “Techs Without Borders,” we can draw personnel from any of our other offices to ensure your needs can still be met.

One of the best, most universal benefits of our operational structure is the added flexibility it brings to the table. Our motto allows us to easily scale up or down any project to ensure the end result satisfies every one of your requirements whether you’re aware of them at the start or new ones arise during the course of the project. Combined with our extensive experience, “Techs Without Borders” guarantees that all of our projects are carried out to the absolute best of our abilities. Furthermore, this motto enables us to quickly meet changing schedules and project demands. For example, if a project deadline gets moved up for any reason, we can easily and comfortably allocate more staff to that project to ensure we can meet the new deadline.

Finally, this operational structure offers another benefit, this one specific to larger businesses. Conducting a business across multiple locations is made easier with the help of audiovisual equipment, specifically videoconferencing gear. However, these businesses may find it difficult to implement audiovisual solutions across different offices at once. As a result of “Techs Without Borders,” this is no longer an issue. We can conduct multiple audiovisual installations simultaneously throughout your business locations. This will save you time by enhancing your entire business as fast as possible.


“Techs Without Borders” is sure to benefit your business in many ways and help you realize audiovisual solutions that improve your workplace. Contact us today to learn more about “Techs Without Borders” or to discuss how we can assist you with your audiovisual needs!

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