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Urben Tech Line Up

Matrix Video Communications Corp. is incredibly excited about our partnership with Urben Tech! Together we'll be simplifying the complicated world of meeting room technology in Canada, and doing it with a stylish Urben system! Learn more about what Urben offers below:

Introducing the Urben Lite with integrated video conferencing software. An all-in-one appliance-based meeting room solution that’s fully customizable and cost-effective. Whether you're planning on partitioning and repurposing unused auditoriums or downsizing offices, businesses are establishing multiple meeting environments that accommodate smaller groups of people. Urben's Lite solutions help these huddle spaces and small meeting rooms become the perfect environment.


Singles are suited to all sorts of spaces. With new ways of working emerging and a desire for easy casual meeting spaces - the 55" screen, custom tech, and custom branding is a winning combo for huddle rooms and beyond. Single screen solutions are perfect for huddle spaces, but their scalability makes them uniquely versatile. With screen sizes ranging from 49" all the way to 146" the use cases are endless.


Urben Dual system solutions are fastly becoming the most popular setup for modern meeting environments. Customize to suit your requirements or leave it to us to design your perfect solution. The scalability of Duals means they are well suited to anything from a four-person environment right through to a 30-seater boardroom. We cover the logistics of the rollout from planning to execution which means you get a standardized technology solution across multiple locations, which ensures compatibility and ease of use.


As with all Urben solutions, the Trio can be fully customized to reflect your unique brand. Not only do Trio screen solutions allow for triple the storage, but they also give you triple the power. You can customize the technology powering your collaborative environments without the worry of space limitation or exposed cables and units. Trio solutions provide the perfect collaborative environments for medium and large groups, ensuring the highest levels of productivity in even the biggest of spaces.


Urben Wall solutions are perfect for operation control rooms, retail spaces, reception lobbies, airport lounges, and more. High-quality imagery across an entire wall is ready for secure and reliable 24-7-365 use if required. Urben Wall solutions really are designed to fit. Taking the principles of Urben frame design a step further, they are fully-bundled solutions and can be tailored to fit perfectly providing an entire wall of high-quality content.


Contact us today and learn more about how we can help implement Urben Tech solutions into your environment!

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