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The Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare

Updated: May 17, 2019

Digital signage is a unique way to bring your story to life in a healthcare environment, and SpinetiX is #1 in digital signage solutions. Matrix Video Communications has been a SpinetiX provider for nearly ten years and carries the Digital Signage Expert certification from the manufacturer. Matrix has used SpinetiX to help medical institutions and healthcare professionals of all shapes and sizes create a dynamic storytelling platform to engage with people.

"We have installed 190+ SpinetiX Signage Players to multiple healthcare organizations!"

Here is a breakdown of the most requested SpinetiX Signage Players from our healthcare clients:

HMP-300: Secure, Flexible, Easy To Deploy

HMP300 is the #1 choice player for digital signage deployments that require the highest security and reliability. This solution offers simplified maintenance through the plug & play design, low consumption, and is the perfect option for seamless deployments! HMP300 is easily programmable and helps you reliably source content from multiple cloud accounts.

HMP-350: The Ultimate Digital Signage Player

The HMP350 is the ultimate player for digital signage deployments that require advanced features and integration. The HMP350 is the ideal choice when you need to get ambitious with your digital signage projects. HMP350 adds an extra layer of flexibility with advanced capabilities like videowall & LED display support, live video streaming and interactivity on top of all existing features of HMP300.

Diva: Bring Your Story to Life From the Get-Go

The Diva is a all-in-one plug and play media player designed to create and schedule right away for maximum impact. There is a built-in web-based interface, templates and tools to use for an easy content creation for both horizontal or vertical screens. The DIVA includes templates and apps accessible via the web interface of the player such as weather forecasts, clocks, date, time, instant messaging, RSS feeds and more help you bring your digital signage to life. You can create your digital signage content easily, and schedule instantly.

The SpinetiX Elementi is used to create all of the content. The simple yet powerful Elementi is a leading digital signage software that will help you push the limits of data-driving signage at the core of your digital communications.


👉 Communicate Effectively With Patients and Visitors.

Digital signage shows useful information on display. SpinetiX offers limitless applications for seamless user applications that can easily be tied to live data, social media, and more. Digital Signage content is simple to update, giving you the power to regularly change your content to highlight daily and monthly healthcare awareness information that can relate to your patients and staff.

👉 Improve Waiting-Time Experience.

We understand that you are dedicated to caring for your patients and providing them with top quality health services and the quality of information in a hospital setting is extremely important for patients and the people working in those fast paced environments. You want to brand your healthcare practice so it stands out from competitors and resonates in the minds of your patients. Digital signage allows for you to create content to engage, entertain, and educate your audience to help the time pass.


Digital signage is the perfect fit for reception areas, waiting areas, public hallways, labs, staff rooms, and more! SpinetiX offers a variety to help transform free, easily available. and accessible data into secure and professional digital signage. Read some of SpinetiX's healthcare digital signage stories here.

Ride the digital wave, and discover the possibilities of digital signage in your environment! Contact us today to discuss your opportunities with digital signage.

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Tia Wheeler
Tia Wheeler
Jul 31, 2022

Great reading your bllog post

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