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Introducing: Sony's VPL-FHZ75 Venue Projectors

Sony has been in the 3LCD laser projector space for more than 6 years, and their VPL-FHZ75 advances the state-of-the-art with new menu selections that customize the image for the projection environment. These compact, elegantly styled laser projectors showcase Sony's cutting-edge picture innovation – making them ideal for high brightness projection applications in mid-size corporate, education and public environments.

The new "Intelligent Setting" function within the VPL-FHZ75 provides selections for classrooms, museums, and entertainment venues that modify projection elements such as brightness, contrast, color balance, and fan noise to give an image its best - making these projectors an excellent choice for conference rooms, museums, houses of worship, higher-ed classrooms, photo clubs, and other large venues where viewers demand a bright, high-resolution, and color-accurate image.

Key Features

Bright, very high contrast images

The projectors’ advanced laser light source is complemented by a newly-developed 0.76-inch LCD panel with incorporated optical compensator. Combined with powerful signal processing technology, this ensures crisp, bright images (6,500 lumens VPL-FHZ75, 5,500 lumens VPL-FHZ70) with ∞:1 contrast and beautifully stable, accurate color.

Advanced picture refinement technologies

Impressive picture quality is boosted by Sony’s unique super resolution Reality Creation technology. This uses a powerful pattern-matching database to optimize lower-resolution images, enhancing clarity without increasing digital picture noise.

Faster, simpler set-up

Sony’s Intelligent Setting function simplifies installation, with pre-sets that adjust brightness, cooling system, color and other projector settings for optimal performance in meeting/classrooms, museums, entertainment venues and multi-screen setups.

Stylish blend-in design

The slim, stylish body design features a flat top surface that blends discreetly into any space when the projector is ceiling mounted. The clean appearance is accentuated by a new terminal cover that reduces cable clutter.

Sony is raising the bar for medium-sized venue projectors with its VPL-FHZ75 with video quality excellence and data presentations really jump off the screen. Customization of the projected image via Sony's Intelligent Setting is another step in the right direction. Setting up in different venues like museums or classrooms can be a cumbersome process, but the VPL-FHZ75 makes short work of it.

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