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Flip the Future of Collaboration

Updated: Jan 24

There is some buzz around the new Samsung Flip, and after you read this post you will understand why.

The Samsung Flip has revolutionized the way we communicate and work. It is an interactive display that streamlines productivity and enables efficient collaboration. The natural touch-driven communication allows for ideas and conversations to flow easily; leaving more time for innovations. The Samsung Flip is the perfect combination of style and comfort and can easily be transferred from room to room, or even mounted on a wall.


The Samsung Flip is perfect for the active learners and creative thinkers. With a pen-to-paper feel, users are able to draw and write seamlessly. Made a mistake and want to erase? Simply use your finger for small mistakes or your palm for large mistakes. Whiteboards and their messes are a thing of the past! With a capture feature, you can screenshot your work and easily save to a USB, network drive, or email.

Think of the Samsung Flip like a sketch book. You have 20 pages to freely create and annotate your content by simply scrolling through your work. Check out the video to see the Flip in action with in a creative setting:


You are able to pull information from smart phones, laptops, network drives, and USB’s through the Samsung Flip. Connect your laptop through an HDMI cable or wirelessly and control your laptop through the touch of the Flip. On the other hand, treat your Flip like a giant smartphone and connect your iOS or Android device and easily mirror your device.

4 users at a time can be connected to the Flip to offer simultaneous multi-user engagement. This will ensure that all participants in a meeting or classroom remain actively involved in conversations.

The Samsung Flip allows for a sleek and professional way for you to get your message across to your end user. The Flip has reinvented how information is shared after a meeting. After a team discussion or meeting, simply distribute notes directly to your audience inbox by exporting to email through the Samsung Flip.

The Flip is a 55" board than can easily pivot from portrait to landscape, however, some meetings may require additional screens where the message should be deployed. Simply export to screen share and the annotations as well as customized messages will seamlessly run across all screens. Learn more about how the Flip can help attain optimized business collaboration:

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