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Reserve, Locate, & Optimize with Crestron

A smart workplace starts with a smart scheduling system.

The modern workplace is fast-paced, flexible, and dispersed. With touch screens, scheduling software, and illuminated room availability indicators - Crestron provides everything you need to make everyone more efficient, connected, ad collaborative across all meeting spaces.

Crestron room scheduling touch screens help organizations to maximize productivity and realize the most usable time out of every room. If a room is currently reserved, the associated touch screen displays details about the current meeting, accented in red, so attendees can immediately confirm they’re in the right place before entering the room. If the room is currently available, the screen states so in green and shows the time remaining until the next scheduled meeting.

With the powerful Crestron scheduling platform and touch screens,

anything is possible.

Matrix Video Communications has sold nearly 450+ Room Scheduling units to industry's such as Libraries, Post Secondary, Oil & Gas, Airports, and more over the last 5 years!

What You Need to Know about Customization:

Room scheduling offers three levels of customization depending on your needs:

◾️Basic Customization & Branding: custom background images or videos and custom logos may be selected to personalize the standard user interface from Crestron.

◾️Editing the User Interface Elements Further: changing colors, adjusting positioning, or removing elements, a custom CSS stylesheet may be created.

◾️Add Entirely New User Interface Elements to the Display: the source code for the scheduling user interface may be modified.

Crestron's Room Scheduling applications are connecting people with the right space and technology. Contact Matrix Video Communications to learn more about how you can optimize your workflow.

Act fast - as we have partnered up with Crestron to offer you a trade-in you can't resist! Trade-in your existing room scheduling tablets or touch screens - whether from Crestron or a competitor - and get a new Crestron 7-inch or 10-inch touch screens starting at $550USD, for a better room scheduling experience!

Connect with an expert today - this is a limited time offer!

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