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When to Upgrade Your AV Technology

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Think about it, how often does your IT department upgrade employees’ laptops and cell phones? The consensus is that IT technology needs to be updated every five years, as keeping technology around longer than this can pose a threat to both the security and productivity of the company.

So, how come we don’t think the same way about AV? Many companies have comprehensive upgrade plans in place for their IT equipment, yet their audio visual technology is a snapshot into the past. With today’s shift into hybrid workspaces and our lives becoming increasingly technologically centric, it’s time to think about an upgrade plan for your AV equipment.

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We get it – updating your current AV equipment can seem like a daunting task; however, investing in new technology on a regular basis can ultimately save you time and money when compared to running outdated equipment. Here are some telltale signs it’s time to upgrade your AV setup:

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Your Organization is Expanding

Outfitting additional offices, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces is inevitable when a business expands. Additionally, with many employers shifting to a hybrid workplace, making the necessary changes to accommodate remote workers ensures an equitable experience for everyone.

Your Equipment is Failing

This is the most obvious sign that your equipment needs an update. When your technology doesn’t work the way it should, time and energy are wasted and staff productivity and morale decline. If your AV system is experiencing outages, frequent glitches, and is generally unreliable, it’s time for an upgrade.

Technology Standards Have Changed

AV technology is constantly evolving to make your work processes easier and more efficient. Outdated features can make technology become distracting, difficult to use, poor quality, or simply unable to do what you need it to. Additionally, this can affect any plans to add new equipment to your existing system, as depending on its age it may not be able to accommodate new technology.

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It’s been 4-5 Years Since Your Last Refresh

Like laptops and cell phones, audio visual technology has a lifespan. To prevent an equipment failure, it’s recommended that you begin planning for a refresh before your technology reaches the end of its life. Although, it’s important to note that refreshing AV equipment doesn’t always mean replacing a system completely – updating certain components as needed is a great way to give your system a boost. For example, if your presentation system’s visuals are becoming faded and hard to read, updating the projector bulb to a newer model with higher lumens could help you achieve a clearer picture and brighter colours. Service contracts are a great way to ensure your equipment stays in tip-top shape. Matrix Video Communications Corp. offers Managed Service Agreements to our clients to ensure their systems stay up to date, secure, and have the ability to grow as your organization does.

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AV as a Service

Another great way to ensure your equipment stays current is to enter into an AV as a Service agreement. Unlike the traditional methods of acquisition, AVaaS doesn’t end in ownership; rather, it’s a subscription option that allows an organization to pay a convenient monthly price to have use of and access to needed AV technology, while still having the freedom to scale and grow if the technology no longer meets your operational needs. Our AVaaS product is unique, unmatched, and ensures that you will never be handcuffed to obsolete technology.

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The bottom line is, when AV equipment fails to meet your needs, it’s time for a refresh. With 13 offices across Canada, MVCC utilizes our “Techs Without Borders” initiative to send our knowledgeable experts to the most challenging applications, regardless of client location, providing nation-wide coverage. Contact us via the link or reach out to us at for a no-cost site visit and consultation to start your AV equipment refresh.

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