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Legrand: Designed to Be Better

Experience your meeting room in a whole new way! Introducing Legrand's Wiremold InteGreat Cable Retractors (TBCR).

Does your meeting space include chaos cluttered cords running along the floor and tables? If your meeting space is anything like the photo to your left, Legrand's Wiremold® Meeting Room Solutions is meant for you.

Do you want to see a flexible, well-organized space that can be easily adapted to a wide range of uses like the photo to your right? The Wiremold® Meeting Room Solutions are innovative products that are designed to keep power, communications and A/V cords and cables neatly organized and contained to help you meet today’s demand for more productive and flexible work environments.

If you take a closer look, the InteGreat Cable Retractors easily attach to InteGreat A/V Table Boxes, or can be mounted directly to the underside of conference room tables. InteGreat Cable Retractors have 5' (1.52m) of retractable cable that allows users to have easy access to A/V and communication services. With a simple pull, the cable locks into place or retracts back into the table box, keeping the conference room table neat and organized. Up to five retractors can mount on the side of the InteGreat A/V Table Box allowing for users to pull out cables for easy connectivity!

The Legrand Wiremold InteGreat Cable Retractors are not limited when it comes to flip areas. They include but are not limited to areas such as: table box, wall box, overfloor raceway, poke-thru devices, table leg, ceiling box, and more!

The Wiremold InteGreat Cable Retractors (TBCR) is available at all of our offices across Canada! Contact us today to connect with an expert and get a jump start at experiencing your meeting room in a whole new way.

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