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Introducing: GoBe Robots

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Matrix Video Communications is very excited to be the first and only reseller of GoBe Robots across all 9 of our offices in Canada. This partnership combines the latest in technology with the excellence of integration.


Why GoBe Robots?

Expand Your Reach

Meet with remote clients, monitor overseas manufacturing, or consult with dispersed team members without traveling.

Stay Connected

Be where you’re needed, when you’re needed, with a single click.

Leverage Remote Mobility

Break free from the conference room wall and benefit from face-to-face interactions without boundaries.

Interact Effectively

High-quality audio and video capabilities ensure that you’ll get your point across while allowing you to listen and read the room as if you were there.

GoBe Robots is the perfect team player across many

different industries, such as:

Executive Outreach

Read the room with pinpoint navigation. This allows you to escape the conference room wall and seek out face-to-face interactions throughout your building. You are not only present on a wall-mounted screen like known conference systems - you are physically able to move around the office, together with your team.


Be anywhere, anytime without traveling, and help reduce CO2 emissions at the same time through logging in with any device in GoBe's cloud-based easy to use admin interface. Be present at tradeshows and bring your customers with you by driving the robots anywhere in the world.


They bring healthcare professionals and patients together across distances to provide better outcomes, broader access, quicker responses, tailored solutions, and a more personal touch.


Whether the plant is in Calgary or Singapore, using GoBe Robot solutions opens up manufacturing operations to instant, real-time communications that can streamline day-to-day production and grow sales opportunities without leaving the office.

Cultural Arts

It provides to be a game-changer at play. From museums and concert halls to parks and historical sights, event organizers and venue directors are tapping into the possibilities of greater accessibility and inclusion.


GoBe Robots solutions transform human interaction in an increasingly virtual world. This personal, smarter, and natural way to collaborate allows you to check-in and be present no matter where you are.

With GoBe Robots you are not only present on a wall-mounted screen like known conference systems, you physically move around the office, together with your team through natural mobility and immersive telepresence. When it comes to presence, GoBe Robot provides you with the perfect height and size, giving you the best ability to interact with your surroundings.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help implement GoBe Robots solutions into your environment.

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