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Four Benefits of LED for the Property Management Industry

LED screens aren’t just for instant replays and live video feeds at sports facilities and bars. Over the past decade, LED screens have crept into all aspects of society from retail advertising to art displays within hotels to informational guides on public transportation. The possibilities are truly endless. For instance, property management companies can use LED screens to increase their business in four ways: marketing and advertising, generating excess revenue through advertisements, emphasizing building safety, and creating an inviting space.

First off, LED screens in general have gotten far more popular for multiple reasons. They provide extraordinary picture and video quality including truly crisp contrasts. Unlike paper flyers and billboards, LED screens grant you complete control over your message or content, enabling you to display specific content at designated times to increase client responses. Edits can be implemented within seconds, saving valuable time and money. Gone are the days of finding an infuriating typo after printing hundreds of copies of a flyer just for them to go to waste. And let’s be honest: display monitors are significantly more professional than those outdated methods anyways. Compared to other display screens, LEDs have longer life cycles and higher reliability, making them more cost-effective in the long run. They are also surprisingly low maintenance and can be made specifically to withstand severe weather.


Marketing and Advertising

One of the most common uses for LED screens across all industries is advertising. LED screens have been proven to capture your audience’s attention up to 10 times more than traditional static ad campaigns. LED screens offer up a whole new world of possibilities for advertising within the property management industry, allowing you to reach a wider audience than ever before. With strategically placed LED screens, you’ll be able to display pictures and videos of local, available properties. These video displays grant you the opportunity to wow your customers with virtual tours of your properties, complete with bullet points that inform them about key features. Additionally, these videos ensure your customers are still being reminded of your properties even while pandemic restrictions make open houses impossible. And better yet, you have the freedom to immediately change the displayed properties as soon as new ones become available or old ones have been rented or sold, providing your customers with the most up-to-date, accurate information on all your properties. Most importantly, with LED’s superior picture quality, your customers will be guaranteed to see every unique detail of your properties.

Creating an Inviting Space

As mentioned above, LED screens are more professional than paper signs. They also happen to make the building stand out and look better. Think of it this way: would you rather live or work in a building with tons of paper attached to the walls or a building with LED screens that rotate important information? LED screens eliminate the need for paper signs that look cheap and ultimately bring down the perceived value of the property. Therefore, simply using LED screens will already transform your building into a much more inviting space.

To build on this and create as welcoming a space as you can, start using your LED screens in a more artistic way. Visual art expresses personality and instantly makes any space more welcoming. However, with traditional static art pieces, rooms can easily become boring and monotonous. On the other hand, LED screens offer endless creativity, ensuring your residents and guests not only feel comfortable but welcomed as well. LED screens allow for anything from slideshows of your favourite art to short artistic videos that you can change at any time. Not only does this allow you to express the full extent of your creativity, but it also ensures your residents and guests are constantly entertained.

Generating Excess Revenue Through Advertisements

Having LED screens in your building enables you to collect money by advertising companies and products to your building’s inhabitants. Create lasting relationships with the local businesses around your buildings and dedicate an LED screen or two in each of your properties to running a loop of advertisements. Not only will you generate extra revenue for yourself, but you’ll be helping your fellow business owners, which will boost your community.

Emphasizing Building Safety

LED screens also have the power to enhance your building’s safety in a number of ways. With interactive maps and building directories, you can ensure newcomers will feel comfortable navigating their way throughout your building. Even residents and guests who already know their way around will feel an added sense of security knowing they can easily find the area they are looking for if they ever forget your building’s layout. Make sure to clearly list your safety features, such as emergency exits and fire extinguisher locations, within your map to provide your building’s inhabitants with the most information possible. You can also use your LED screens—instead of pieces of paper that most people ignore—to display any maintenance schedules to keep your residents and guests better informed on various repairs.

On top of these important safety features, you can configure every LED screen in your building to display emergency broadcasts simultaneously in the case of an emergency. These emergency broadcasts will ensure all your building’s inhabitants are immediately made aware of any emergencies, thus ensuring their wellbeing.


Contact us today to learn how we can implement LED screens into your property management business!

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