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Enhance Your Education Environment

Are you thinking of refreshing your classroom, learning commons, or gymnasium with education in mind? Check out these solutions by Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) below:

Classroom Solutions:

Every student learns differently, and a collaborative learning environment allows educators to accommodate unique learning styles. Interactive boards, projectors, screens, and more can help refresh your classroom for the better. Take a look into how you can build your "dream" classroom:

Step 1: Equip your room with a screen that fits your desired application.

Viewsonic offers a IFP Touch Series.

Available in 65", 75", 86" and 98" - the Viewsonic IFP Touch encourages engagement for multiple users with 20 point touch making it a great application for any classroom or learning common area. The Viewsonic Education 4K View Board includes a simple to use and powerful interactive software. Write, edit, and draw on screen for dynamic collaboration and brainstorming!

*Bonus: the myViewBoard for Winows - Interactive Annotation Software

ViewSonic myViewBoard is a product for windows which is an easy to use and incredibly secure annotation software solution designed specifically for interactive displays and whiteboards. Integration allows unlimited users to share screens as well as cast-in and out from anywhere in the world. myViewBoard for Windows also lets users write, highlight, edit, and transform documents + images on-screen in real-time - leverage interactive displays to create more engaging presentations in the boardroom.

Step 2: Take your classroom projection images to the next level.

Introducing Sony's new compact and affordable 5,000 Lumen Laser Projector.

Switch on and start presenting with no wait time for the lamp to warm up. This projector offers 20,000 hours of operation and no hassle of lamp exchanges which displays colorful, contrast rich, sharp images.

As an educator, you strive to provide the best image quality with a Laser projector - but sometimes the budget doesn't play along. Ask your sales representative about Sony's buy 10 get 1 free deal - which is perfect for a multi-classroom application.

Step 3: Find your desired screen for your projector.

Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) offers a variety of screens from Dalite and Draper manufacturing. From standard 70" classroom screens to large 16' wide or larger screens for theatre spaces.

We offer a highly skilled install team to mount the screen to perfection with all the safety protocols for a peace of mind.

Gymnasium Solutions:

Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) has worked alongside education sectors throughout Canada to modernize audio-visual upgrades and integrations to remain competitive in today's market. Discover a few state-of-the-art technology products for your gymnasium:

LED Wall Technology

Prominent video wall score clocks are increasing in popularity, replacing the traditional score boards in school gymnasiums. Have full control of keeping score, changing team names or logos using LED wall technology from 95" all the way up to 235". LED offers extremely brilliant bright images and longevity.

Optional shot clocks are available along with signage software for customized events - or just plug and play for on the fly presentations via laptops/mobile devices.

PTZ Camera & Video Switchers

Add creativity to your event by using a PTZ camera with robotic pan, tilt, and zoom features plus a video switcher that features streaming and recording capabilities to capture and record all your exciting games, theatre productions, or gymnasium events.

Displayed is Panasonic's AWUE4WG PTZ camera with Roland's VR4-HD Switcher. Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) can help create a system - no matter how big or small the project or budget.

Portable Audio Solutions:

Enhance your students, teachers, and visitors experience with powerful portable sound systems. You can reply on Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) to help you find an audio solution that is great for indoors and outdoors - or for crowds large and small.

For Those Who Want to Sound Like a Pro

Bose's Pro 1 S Powered Speaker creates big sound from a small package. This light and easy speaker is easy to carry from venue to venue and features Bluetooth with music instrument plus microphone plug ins.

With a quick set-up AC needed (thanks to Bose's rechargeable Lithium Battery), this product is great for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small gymnasiums!

For Those Who Need To Carry It In One Trip & Set Up In One Minute

Looking for something with more power for a larger space? The Bose L1 Compact to cover crowds of 100 people. The Bose L1 Compact offers Bluetooth and convenient plug ins for microphones and instruments.

The simplicity features of this speaker include easy to carry bags to hold items together which ensure a 5 minute set up and take down process. Bose also offers large systems for a crowd up to 500.

For Those Who Value Engagement

Kickstart the conversation with Catchbox - the engagement microphone. Engage students at pep rallies, social events, or even in the classroom. The Catchbox allows you to create a comfortable environment where students can share their thoughts and speak freely.

This soft throwable microphone can be tossed around without fear of breakage and can be customized to coordinate with your school spirit.


Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) offers these solutions across all 9 of our offices across Canada. Contact us today and let's discover the possibilities for your education environment today!

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