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Crestron XiO Cloud: Creating a more Efficient Workplace

In a world full of new technology, it's important to distinguish the adequate systems from the extraordinary ones. Adequate systems may work well, but extraordinary ones strengthen every aspect of one's business by making work life much easier. Crestron XiO Cloud is an IoT-based cloud system meant to enhance workplace efficiency. Learn more about the time-saving system below:


The set-up: At Crestron, they know the pains of having to switch from one system to another. Crestron's team is dedicated to making this switch as seamless as possible. The XiO Cloud allows you to set up as many devices as needed in the time it takes to set one up. This saves enormous amounts of time and ensures your company can start getting back to work as quickly as possible. Crestron XiO Cloud is guaranteed to start saving your company time from the very first step.

Collection of data: The set-up is just the beginning of this time-saving journey. With no extra programming needed, the Crestron XiO Cloud collects workplace data to improve efficiency. The system assembles data on people, spaces, and technology in order for you to understand how systems and spaces are being used. This data will provide valuable insight into the productivity of your company, allowing you to increase work performance without any extra work being done.

Remote controlling: Crestron XiO Cloud can be controlled from one remote source. Once a setting is changed from that source, it will immediately be updated on all devices equipped with the system. On top of that, any necessary firmware updates can be done on all devices at once. Furthermore, any potential problems are promptly addressed and solved thanks to audit logs within the system. This all-at-once technology ensures ease of use and, once again, saves important company time.

Constant monitoring: The system continually monitors all of its devices, allowing you to check the status of any device from anywhere no matter the time. This monitoring will immediately alert you to any device changes, meaning you are always aware of any potential issues. With Crestron XiO Cloud, your company will be constantly on top of any device problems without any additional work from your employees.


Crestron XiO Cloud service can be purchased on a monthly basis with prices tailored specifically to your company needs. Pricing depends on the number of rooms and service options needed. For a limited time, Crestron is offering a free 30-day trial of the XiO Cloud for up to 10 rooms to help you decide if it is the right fit for your company.

With Crestron XiO Cloud, you can optimize workplace efficiency and achieve your fullest potential.

Contact us today to learn how we can implement Crestron XiO Cloud into your workplace!

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