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Crestron: Transition to Microsoft Teams Software

New Crestron RL 2 Upgrade Kit Transition to Microsoft Teams™ Software:

No "rip and replace." No Learning Curve. No Hassle.

The Crestron RL 2 Upgrade Kit will help make the move to the newest Microsoft UC experience: Microsoft Teams™ software. Here's how it works.

Upgrade with confidence! Crestron and Microsoft have a long-standing partnership and Crestron has been a hardware partner through every generation of room systems. Crestron exclusively has the ability to upgrade existing room systems to support Microsoft teams. The upgrade process is easy! Crestron's RL2 Upgrade Kit has everything you need. Plug in the USB drive to upgrade the software, attach the HDMI to USB converter, and you're good to go. Discover the benefits of upgrading.

Even better, blend the upgraded rooms systems with Crestron Flex UC solutions to deliver an all-new Microsoft Teams ecosystem in all the places people work, from desktop to boardroom. The RL2 Upgrade Kit brings the full Microsoft Teams UC experience to any meeting space in an enterprise or SMB facility, whether implementing a cloud base Microsoft Teams deployment, on-premise Skype for Business, or a hybrid of the two. Learn more about the upgrade here.

Key Benefits:

- Natively run Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Software

- Present, call, conference, and collaborate - all through one amazing tabletop device

- Consistent user experience with simple operation and one-touch meeting joins

Upgrades to Microsoft Teams can be done through Matrix Video Communications. Contact one of our experts today!

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