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Engage Your Audience: Catchbox

Updated: Jan 24

Introducing the world's first throwable microphone that is an innovative technology and changes the rules of audience engagement. The Catchbox shifts the focus from boring monologues to engaging discussions and maximizing learning.

The Catchbox is made from durable light foams and technical fabrics, making it extremely light. All hard-electronic components are hidden inside, ensuring that dropping and throwing the device won't damage the device or the person catching.

To avoid unwanted noises caused from throwing and dropping, Catchbox created "Automute". Automute temporarily switches off the audio when the device is thrown, caught, or dropped, eliminating all distracting and disruptive sounds.

Catchbox comes in three versions to accommodate for different types of sound systems and use cases:

Catchbox Pro - The Solution for Larger, More Demanding Events:

The Catchbox Pro is a belt-pack module that makes it suitable for larger events (audiences up to 2000) and integrated audio systems. This model is easy to integrate with any event that already has a working wireless microphone setup by simply connecting their existing belt-pack transmitter into the Catchbox Pro's built in mic and Automute electronics.

Catchbox Lite - The Solution for a Seamless Plug & Play Experience:

The Catchbox Lite is a standalone system designed for smaller events like meetings and workshops of less than 100 people. This model is a completely wireless system and can plug into any audio system. Simply turn it on, and throw it in.

Catchbox Plus - The Solution with Large Coverage:

The Catchbox Plus is a standalone system that uses DECT communication standard, supports two transmitters with one receiver, features wireless charging and is suitable for audiences up to 1000 people. This complete wireless microphone system has increased coverage for both small and large events. The Catchbox Plus allows you to connect two Catchbox transmitters to the same receiver simultaneously.

Watch the video to see the main differences in each model!

Not only does the Catchbox defuse the negative emotions of public speaking, but it also provides branding opportunities. You have the chance to share your brand in different shades and designs through the customization of the replaceable covers. Contact us today to help you choose the right Catchbox for your environment!

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