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Introducing ARHT CAPSULE. Be there as a Hologram.

Meet CAPSULE, the latest hologram technology that creates an incredible interactive experience. CAPSULE leverages ARHT’s world-renowned live HoloPresence™ capabilities and reimagines viewer engagement. This 4K LCD touch screen, enabled for live HoloPresence™ transmissions and interactive content playback, opens up so many new opportunities for engagement!


HoloPresence™ allows people to be in multiple locations at once without needing to travel.


Presenting as a live, lifelike hologram, with integrated holographic presentation visuals, creates infinitely more impact than a webcam or even being there in person.


By reducing airline travel, ground transportation and hotel stays that go with business travel, HoloPresence™ helps in reducing the carbon footprint caused by meetings and events.


People can save countless travel hours when they are beamed as a hologram, freeing them to work more productively or just enjoy life.

Key Features:

  • 4K Transparent LCD Screen

  • Touch Screen Enabled Display

  • Fully Interactive

  • 2D and 3D Depth-sensing Cameras

  • Built in Speakers

  • Plug & Play Capability

  • ARHT Engine + USB & HDMI Inputs

  • Works in all light conditions

  • Live Holopresence ™ Capabilities

  • Weight: 230 kg / 508 lbs Power: 20A / 650W

  • Standard colors include White & Black