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Matrix Video Communications is a proud service provider for PDi Communication Systems, Inc. We provide warranty and non-warranty repairs on all PDi equipment.

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Service Repair Information:



All units under warranty will be repaired and shipped back at no cost.



All equipment considered non-warranty is subject to a $140.00 estimate fee. If authorization is given to proceed with repairs the $140.00 fee is applied to the cost of the repair. Return shipping will be charged on all non-warranty repairs.


Flat Rate Repairs

A flat rate of $140.00 will apply to repairs of the following:

RF cable replacement

Power supply repair

PC board repair

Headphone receptacle replacement

Full testing on live system


Non-Flat Rate Repairs - A quote will be supplied for the following:

LCD screen

Power supply if needs replacement and is not repairable at component level

Glass front panel with the ribbon cable

Plastic enclosure if is broken beyond economical repair


*Clients will be required to provide approval within 15 days of quote or unit will be returned with the $140.00 estimate fee applied and shipping charges.

**Client is responsible for the removal of arms from monitors or is subject to an additional $80.00 fee for all warranty and non-warranty units.

Service inquires can be directed to Ethel Richardson at or 403-640-4490.

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