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MacEwan University Video Production Studio



Rogers Place: Project


A Cutting-Edge Video Production Studio

MacEwan University is a public university in Edmonton, Alberta. It was originally a college that was first established in 1971, and it reached university status in 2009. This university offers 10 undergraduate degrees, one applied degree, and 43 diplomas and certificates via four faculties and two schools that provide programs in nursing, engineering, business, liberal arts and sciences, and more. With a focus on teaching and learning, the University features small class sizes and individualized learning.


MacEwan University is always looking for new ways to maximize their students’ learning. For example, they wanted to provide their Communication Studies students with a cutting-edge TV studio to give them the opportunity to practice the art of filming and editing. To do so, they needed experts to integrate a video production studio system. After winning the University’s request for proposal, Matrix was happy to provide our expertise for this installation.


Matrix designed this project and supplied and installed the equipment for this new video production studio. We also provided extensive training on all the equipment to ensure the University was able to properly educate their students on the art of video production.


This project involved the following equipment: a Blackmagic Design ATEM 4ME switcher with advanced control panel, Blackmagic Design URSA broadcast cameras with camera control panel, a Blackmagic Design hyperdeck studio, a Blackmagic Design SmartScope duo 4K, Magicue teleprompters, Dracast studio lighting with DMX controller, RTS wired intercom including IFB for on-air talent, Hollyland wireless intercom, and a NewBlueFX Graphics System with Blackmagic Design Key/Fill hardware interface.


MacEwan wanted to ensure that their students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a variety of production equipment that they may encounter in their future careers, so we installed professional-grade equipment. The access to this equipment guarantees that these students receive adequate enough experience to begin a video production career as soon as they leave university.


For example, this studio is equipped with three Blackmagic URSA broadcast cameras, which are regularly used for professional broadcasting. These cameras offer extraordinary image quality and colours. In addition, we installed Dracast studio lighting with DMX controller for optimal lighting in each video. This equipment gives the students the perfect foundation for creating remarkable videos.


To enable constant communication among students, including those on air, we provided wired and wireless intercoms. On top of this, we installed a teleprompter, so students wouldn’t need to memorize any lines, ensuring their focus is on creating the video content. This equipment also gives their space the feel of a real broadcast studio and prepares them for live productions.


We also implemented a variety of editing equipment, including a Blackmagic switcher, a Blackmagic SmartScope, and a Blackmagic design keyboard equipped with a NewBlue FX graphics system. The switcher enables the students to seamlessly change their audio and video for live productions. For productions that are not live, the students can use the SmartScope to monitor their audio and video levels to ensure they remain consistent throughout their finished product. Students can then perform any other needed editing with the design keyboard, and they can add in any desired graphics with the NewBlue system. Once they have a completed product, they can even record their compressed or uncompressed video to a solid state drive (SSD) using their hyperdeck studio! This studio is equipped with everything the students need—from the beginning of the process to the end—to make astonishing videos.


MacEwan’s staff and students are extremely proud of their new studio. For more information on this project and its impact, read this article by MacEwan News.

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