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Council Chamber Systems



Addressing all aspects of your audio visual needs from the Council Chamber to the meeting room and everything in between, Matrix Video Communications provides bespoke turn-key solutions. This may include wired or wireless discussion stations with software to manage moderated and open discussion meetings, electronic voting, automated camera tracking, e-ink name plates, live video streaming, hybrid integration with third party video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and all others. Potential integration with third party agenda management, automatic transcription, hearing impaired assisted listening, wireless video presentation, large format and individual video displays, digital signage, remote monitoring, control, support, and much more. 


Wired and Wireless Microphones


Televic's wired conferencing systems offer you the best in digital conferencing technology with a solution for every meeting room and budget. Discover innovative and trusted solutions for any meeting room layout.


No matter the number of participants, the desired conferencing options, or the complexity of the (multi) room set-up: enjoy a 100% cable and worry-free meeting experience with pristine audio quality and steadfast reliability from Televic's wireless conferencing technology. 

Meeting Management Software

Get the most out of your audiovisual conferencing equipment with Televic's dedicated software solutions for streamlined meeting management. With our modular solutions, you can control every detail of your meeting from start to finish - from comprehensive voting options to document management, recording, and import to export functions.


Enjoy an all-in-one, easy-to-use and web-based hybrid meeting management with microphone moderation and electronic voting for both in-room and remote participants.


Configure the room, manage the meeting, and control the discussion system in one application that gives you full control.


Automatic Camera Control

Camera control closes the gap between people by letting everyone see and understand each other in close-up. T-Cam gives you an easy way to install camera control, to create talking heads, and to configure different views on any Televic conference system.

Electronic Nameplate

The Plixus Nameplate makes it easy to read, display, and update participant information in an ultra-thin design with minimal power consumption.



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As a Matrix preferred partner iSiLIVE is a way to professionally webcast, presenting up-to-date, factual information, and events that are now intrinsic to our new world's communications. They conduct live-stream and remote broadcasts in HD video and, if desired, with closed captioning. This solution is perfect for any Council Chambers environment.

Live Speech-To-Text Transcription and Streaming

Make your events more accessible and engaging with real-time speech-to-text conversion by LiveScrypt from Epiphan Video, a dedicated automatic transcription device powered by advanced speech recognition technology. Perfect for everything from conference presentations and company town hall meetings to university lectures and church sermons.  Epiphan also has The Pearl Mini that lets you record, stream and switch up to three full HD Video inputs from HDMI, SDI, and USB sources. Use the large touch screen or web-based interface, or you can even operate the system from anywhere with Epiphan Cloud.

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Matrix Video Communications has successfully designed and installed Council Chamber solutions for Ten Alberta Municipalities since 2021. Contact us at for your no cost, no obligation consultation.

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