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Rogers Place: Project


Canadian Energy Company

Matrix Video Communications Corp. has recently provided audiovisual solutions to a Canadian energy company. This specific utility company distributes electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and value-added services to residential, commercial, and institutional customers in Canada.


To ensure this company can provide the best services possible and stay on top of effective communication—both with clients and throughout the company itself—they required the implementation of reliable audiovisual technology. As a result, Matrix has held a contract with this energy company since 2017, where we provide complete consultation, design, implementation, and training for new and existing audiovisual equipment. We regularly update and maintain these integrated systems to guarantee that this company always has the most up-to-date solutions available. With the latest technology, this company can be as productive and efficient as possible in their everyday work lives, which in turn, ensures that Canadians have consistent access to the energy they need.


Since 2017, MVCC has consulted with this energy company to design and install new and existing audiovisual equipment in this company’s 90+ rooms, which vary in both scope and size. This includes the maintenance and repair services for currently installed integrated systems and new audiovisual system installations that range from small meeting rooms to large, integrated collaboration rooms as well as installations in atriums and open areas throughout their buildings in Calgary, Edmonton, and rural Alberta. We have also updated and currently maintain this company’s mission critical control room. Our developed expertise with audiovisual systems of all kinds has enabled us to design and install the perfect solution for each individual room.


The main audiovisual equipment utilized in these spaces includes the following: Sharp monitors of varying sizes, NEC video walls of varying configurations, Crestron ceiling speakers, Barco ClickShare, Crestron Flex videoconferencing cameras, and Microsoft Teams software.


The Sharp monitors were implemented in all meeting rooms to allow for presentations. Small meeting rooms are equipped with 60” monitors, medium rooms have 70” monitors, and large meeting rooms have 80” monitors. There are also 90” and 98” monitors installed in specialized rooms. This project also involved the installation of video walls throughout the building for the display of corporate messaging. These NEC video walls include a few 2x2 55” monitor wall, a 3x3 55” video wall, and a 2x8 55” video wall.


Most of their rooms are equipped for audioconferencing and wireless presentations. For audioconferencing, we implemented Crestron ceiling speakers. Meanwhile, wireless presentation is made possible with the installation of Barco ClickShare. More recently, we have outfitted 14 of their rooms for videoconferencing with Crestron Flex cameras and Microsoft Teams software.

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