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Enhancing Broadcasting Flexibility and Efficiency

AMI, a not-for-profit media company dedicated to serving the disability community in Canada, sought to improve the functionality and flexibility of their KVM system. To achieve this, AMI partnered with Matrix Video Communications Corp. and Thorvin Electronics to design and implement an innovative KVM system. AMI is a prominent media company that focuses on entertaining, informing, and empowering Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Their broadcast services include AMI-tv and AMI-audio in English and AMI-télé in French.


AMI required an audio control room and studio that offered maximum flexibility. They needed the ability to rearrange workstations and accommodate varying personnel configurations to support different shows. Additionally, AMI sought a system that would allow operators to control multiple displays with ease, using a single keyboard and mouse. For controlling various displays, Peter Slisarenko, Sales Account Manager at Matrix Video Communications Corp., suggested KVM features to work with two monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse.


Matrix Video Communications Corp., in consultation with Thorvin Electronics, proposed a solution that involved the use of MuxLab's KVM system, specifically the 500770-TX/RX units with a 500812 Network Controller. The key components of AMI's KVM system included:

  • 12 units of 500770-TX (Transmitter)

  • 12 units of 500770-RX (Receiver)

  • 1 unit of 500812 Network Controller

AMI's KVM system offers the desired flexibility for their shows and workplace. Operators can easily control two monitors using a single keyboard and mouse. This adaptability is crucial as it accommodates various personnel requirements, whether it's a small team or a single operator managing the displays. The system was required to run reliably, supporting two shows per day, seven days a week, with each show lasting 2 to 2.5 hours. A third show was also scheduled to run for an hour. AMI reported that, since the system's launch in January 2023, there has been no downtime, demonstrating its robustness and reliability.

Kevin Sharpen, the Manager of Technology at AMI, praised the system's installation process. The MuxLab KVM system saved rack space and was straightforward to install. Although there were minor programming issues during the setup, MuxLab's technical team quickly resolved them. This ease of installation and troubleshooting contributed to the project's overall simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Troy Gallant from Matrix Video continues to provide support to AMI, ensuring the system's proper performance and stability. The units have proven to be highly reliable, meeting AMI's broadcasting needs effectively. 

AMI's collaboration with Matrix Video Communications Corp. and Thorvin Electronics to implement the MuxLab KVM system has been a resounding success. The system's flexibility, reliability, and ease of use have greatly improved AMI's broadcasting capabilities. With the addition of a third show to their schedule, AMI continues to leverage this innovative KVM solution to serve its visually impaired audience effectively, demonstrating the power of technology to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in media broadcasting.

"This solution was an excellent collaboration between all partners. Thorvin Electronics was pleased to work with Matrix Video in recommending the system and providing demonstration units for proof of concept. The partnership also included MuxLab who provided programming support for reliable and flawless performance." - Peter Justiz, Thorvin Electronics

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