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Rogers Place: Project


A Seamless Multipurpose Room

QuadReal is a global real estate investment, operating, and development company with a main office located in Vancouver, British Columbia. They own and manage commercial and residential properties in 23 total cities worldwide—including ten Canadian cities—in 17 different countries. Some of these cities include Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton, New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong. They also have six corporate offices worldwide, one of which is in Calgary, Alberta.


QuadReal needed to equip their new corporate tenant space in Calgary with audiovisual equipment to enable audio and videoconferencing as well as presentations. They required this equipment in a large conference centre, small meeting rooms, and a lounge area.


A consultant working with QuadReal designed their new system. Matrix then won the Request for Proposal and was chosen to supply and install all the audiovisual gear. We also provided end user training as well as user guides for each room.


The equipment involved in this project includes the following: NEC monitors, Biamp audio, Barco ClickShare, PTZ cameras, and a combination of Crestron and Extron control systems.


Each space is completely controlled through either a Crestron or Extron system, both of which are programmed with an intuitive GUI to ensure simplicity for the end user. NEC monitors are placed in each meeting room as well as in the conference centre to allow for presentations and conferencing. The conferencing is backed up with Biamp audio for effective communication from both sides. To enable videoconferencing, we installed PTZ cameras that can reach every corner of the room in which it is placed to ensure everyone is included and has a chance to participate in the conference. Finally, each meeting space is equipped with Barco ClickShare to facilitate wireless presentations and conferencing with one simple click.


The biggest part of this project was the large conference room, which is a multipurpose room that can be split into two separate rooms. Within this room, Matrix installed a 98” display as well as four 70” displays all equipped with audio and videoconferencing as well as wireless connectivity as mentioned above. When the rooms are separated, the equipment works independently of each other. On the other hand, the equipment functions together seamlessly when the rooms are combined. All features of this project are easy to use, granting QuadReal true efficiency within their workplace.

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