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Matrix has Reached Platinum Reseller Status with NewTek

Matrix is proud to announce that we have achieved NewTek Platinum Reseller status! This status reflects our level of commitment and expertise in selling and implementing NewTek products. NewTek’s Platinum status is their highest rank available, which places us in an exclusive club. Each of their reselling statuses offers a corresponding set of benefits, and as a Platinum reseller, we will receive the highest level of benefits possible. Along with enhancing our company as a whole, these benefits will impact our clients in a positive way as well. For more information on the specific advantages offered by this status, please see the paragraphs below:


What does this mean for Matrix?

This Platinum status provides us with tons of benefits that help us serve our clients better. For example, we now have access to a wide range of online and in-person training for their entire range of products, technical proficiency, installation, integration, demonstration, and repair. On top of this, we will receive discounts on their courses and certifications. Furthermore, Platinum resellers have access to a special NewTek partner portal that provides us with the latest updates on their existing and new products, ensuring we always have the most current information. We will also be invited to various digital events and online demos. With this extensive training and exclusive access to additional information, we will be as informed as possible on all NewTek products to ensure we can deliver the proper solutions to our clients for their every need.

What does this mean for our clients?

In addition to keeping us knowledgeable on all things NewTek, some of these benefits will allow us to pass on this information more easily to our clients as well. With an increased discount on demo units, we will be able to offer more demo sessions to our clients. This reseller status also provides our clients with access to all NewTek product lines and certified remote training to make sure you are fully informed on how to use your new products.

Moreover, these benefits aren’t limited to product sales and pre-sale information. For instance, the Platinum status will allow our clients to rent NewTek gear as well if you don’t need a permanent installation. For those who need a permanent installation, you will also have access to local after-sales support in case of any malfunctions. Finally, we will have the ability to acquire spare parts for any out-of-warranty or end-of-life products, which will enable us to repair any of your old products. These advantages are sure to benefit you before, during, and after you acquire any NewTek products from Matrix.


Contact us to learn more about how this Platinum status can benefit you today!

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