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Managed Services

Managed service agreements include any after-installation extras. We provide customizable plans that can be implemented during the installation or up to 90 days after installation to ensure you make the best of your new equipment. These plans offer increased after-sales support, including prioritized response times, maintenance visits, and training.


Additional Support

Matrix offers two pre-made service plans: silver level and gold level. Both of these service agreements are two-year plans that come with their own set of perks with the gold-level plan offering the most advantages. For example, the silver-level agreement ensures a response time for service calls within one business day, and if needed, we will schedule an on-site service within 72 business hours. Meanwhile, gold-level members will receive a guaranteed response time within 4 business hours, and any necessary on-site service will be scheduled with 48 business hours. For more information on our managed services, please contact us.

Customized to your Needs

Our pre-made silver and gold service agreements cover the basics, but there are plenty of other add-on options depending on your needs. In particular, we provide additional services such as digital content creation and management as well as deploying an installer to your workplace a certain number of days per week for immediate assistance. Whatever your business’s needs are, we can provide a specialized plan that covers them all.


Browse Our Managed Services Customer Success Stories Below:

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