Equip your room with the ultimate

huddle or meeting space. 

Urben's Single is new frame of reference and an

all-in-one solution.

Singles are suited to all sorts of spaces. With new ways of working emerging and a desire for easy casual meeting spaces. 


The Urben are 55" screens with custom tech and custom branding. This is truly a winning combo for huddle rooms and beyond.

Think Bigger.

Yes, Single screen solutions are perfect for huddle spaces, but their scalability makes them uniquely versatile. With screen sizes ranging from 49" all the way to 146" - the application cases are endless.

Even on glass.

Keep your modern office design looking simple and sleek, Urben Single solutions are all wall, floor and even glass mountable. Simply plug and play - power and data connections are all that is needed to run an Urben Single solution.

Roll Out.

Because they are so versatile, Singles are perfect solutions for an office floor plan. Matrix Video Communications can customize the rollout os your application. We will help you bring your ideas to life through our years of custom design experience and project management expertise.

Matrix Video Communications Corp. offers Urben's solutions across all 9 of our offices. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help implement Urben solutions into your environment.

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