The ultimate meeting room solution.

The Urben Dual solution is truly an all-in-one dynamic duo solution.

No compromise.

One screen for wireless content sharing, real-time annotation, and whiteboarding and another screen for high-quality video conferencing allowing you can pick up body language and social cues whilst presenting ideas and analyzing data.

The new normal.

Dual screen solutions are fast becoming the most popular setup for modern meeting environments. The scalability of our designs means Duals are well suited to anything from a 4 person-environment right through to a 30 seater boardroom.

The premier suite.

The whole suite can be designed from floor to ceiling and everything in between. We cover the logistics of the rollout from planning to execution which means you get a standard technology solution across multiple locations and ensures compatibility and ease of use.

More storage, more power.

As well as eliminating compromises in screen real-estate, Dual solutions also have twice the storage capacity of Singles. You can customize the technology powering your collaborative environments without the worries of space limitation or exposed cables and units.

Matrix Video Communications Corp. offers Urben's solutions across all 9 of our offices. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help implement Urben solutions into your environment.

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