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If you want to gain a quick insight into the best marketing practice the posts I have planned will show you how a range of organisations are improving their marketing practice.

The posts will cover the usual b2b organisation but also revisit some of the best consumer marketing campaigns. Marketing to the consumer is a really tough business. Often the product is low cost and easy to switch. Frequently an impulse purchase. These businesses such as how to find any answer key services are trying to understand why we buy a product and often we don’t know ourselves.

I will also look at newer marketing practice and focus on services and charities to show how marketing is being applied in these organisations., Marketing charities or not for profit (NFP) is a big growth area in marketing practice.

Then there are other marketing genres. According to the ability to brand people and places are currently hot news. The development of travel marketing and also event marketing, such as the Olympics or Football World Cup is a huge marketing opportunity. This year will see golf as a topic with the Ryder Cup being held in Wales in October 2010.

This will help you with both your job and ensure that you are able to apply the best marketing practice. It will also help you with your marketing exam.

The underlying principles will remain. Focus on the customer, understand their needs but also to look into the problems your customer faces. Maybe they need help to conform to environmental pressures or to outsource or to manage their stock better. Get inside their business and learn what bothers them on a daily basis. The first step in best marketing practice is to really build that relationship and understanding


Then, the way in which we implement is probably going to be the biggest change in marketing practice. This greater understanding means we will customise and tailor our product/service to those needs. This will mean more local solutions. This will be led be technology and here mobile communication. Imagine you are looking for a restaurant in a town. This can be accessed by the mobile phone. You will be able to then communicate quick updates to your customers and focus on the specific information needs.

Marketing practice is shaping up to be exciting and fast moving with better insight into customer needs. This will be implemented by more creative use of mobile technology. Head over to for a few ideas.

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