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Multitasking is an added feature that is very useful when you are doing many things at once and it is also used to handle your application tasks when there is an error or crash. The key features of multitasking in Windows 7 are See also the previous article on Windows 7 multitasking and the following articles: Multitasking with Windows 7 – Explorer Multitasking with Windows 7 – Taskbar Multitasking with Windows 7 – Windows Aero Multitasking with Windows 7 – System Tray Multitasking with Windows 7 – Power Multitasking with Windows 7 – Task Manager Multitasking with Windows 7 – Windows Experience Index Multitasking with Windows 7 – Security What is the multitasking in Windows 7? Multitasking is a feature in which multiple apps can be open at the same time, which means that you can have multiple applications running at the same time. The importance of multitasking is because it allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously and also save the time for doing things that you need to do at the same time. Once you launch a window, it is in the foreground, which is the only one that you will see on the desktop, which means that it takes up all the space on the desktop. But if you open another window, it is in the background. A lot of apps, including the Windows System uses multitasking, even when you are using other apps, you can see that the title of the apps is blank and it has an arrow icon. The programs that are not launched are not on the desktop. If you close any of the running programs, the data in those programs are saved, but the programs are not deleted. Every time that you exit or close the programs, they are hidden from the next time you launch them. If you are using some other programs, you can click on the programs that you are running and then select “Stop”. If you click the minimize or close button on that program, the program is minimized. You can also drag the program from the Windows taskbar and then it will minimize. This is how multitasking is achieved in Windows 7. Using the Windows 7 “Start” menu you can click on the “All Programs” tab to open all the programs that you have on the computer. To get the list of running programs, click on the “Start




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Downloadbrazostweaker64 zeldist

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