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Matrix is Now a Member of PSNI Global Alliance

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Matrix is extremely excited to announce our new membership with PSNI! PSNI Global Alliance unites the world’s leading audiovisual integrators, manufacturers, distributors, and service partners. This alliance gives each PSNI member (also called Certified Solution Providers or CSPs) an extensive backdrop of support that ultimately broadens their reach and abilities in the audiovisual industry. Through this alliance, CSPs can work with clients outside of the country in which the CSP is located. With a span of 200 offices across 50 countries in six continents, this network maximizes the capacity of each of its members and gives these members the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with international clients. In addition, all PSNI CSPs are Global Deployment Certified, meaning each client will receive the same impeccable quality of work no matter the CSP or location.


What does this mean for Matrix specifically?

Only exceptional audiovisual companies can become PSNI members. With our new membership, our clients can be assured that we are part of an elite group of audiovisual integrators. In fact, this membership places us among the best audiovisual integrators in the world. And because we now have access to this network’s additional resources—including other companies, exclusive events, and helpful guidelines—our work is sure to undergo continuous improvement, ensuring that we remain among the best.

On top of this, our new PSNI membership provides us with an abundance of new opportunities. We can now conduct business around the world, instead of being limited to Canada. Not only does this expand our business and help us grow, but it also allows us to improve our relationships with local clients who have international offices. These clients no longer have to find other audiovisual companies to outfit or upgrade their international offices. Thanks to our CSP status, they can now work with us for all their audiovisual needs no matter their location. We will communicate with the client throughout the entire process, providing a familiar point of contact, and the work is guaranteed to be of the same high quality that they would receive locally.

The benefits of this membership are not limited to facilitating our global presence; it also enhances our local business as well. As mentioned above, we will be given a myriad of new resources to improve our company as a whole. One of these resources is the Preferred Vendor Program (PVP), which will allow us to further cultivate our relationships with manufacturers around the world. Fostering these relationships will give us access to the best products at the best prices and keep us informed on the future of audiovisual technology. Moreover, the extensive support we will receive from other leading audiovisual companies will also boost our local business efforts.


Overall, this new membership is sure to unlock a multitude of new opportunities for Matrix. Contact us today to learn more about how our new membership will benefit your business!

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