Portable Audio Solutions

Refresh your classroom, learning commons, or gymnasium with education in mind. 

Enhance your students, teachers, and visitors experience with powerful portable sound systems. You can reply on Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) to help you find an audio solution that is great for indoors and outdoors - or for crowds large and small. 

For Those Who Want to Sound Like A Pro

Bose's Pro 1 S Powered Speaker creates big sound from a small package. This light and easy speaker is easy to carry from venue to venue and features Bluetooth with music instrument plus microphone plug ins. 

With a quick set-up AC needed (thanks to Bose's rechargeable Lithium Battery), this product is great for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small gymnasiums! 

For Those Who Need To Carry It In One Trip & Set Up In One Minute

Looking for something with more power for a larger space? The Bose L1 Compact to cover crowds of 100 people. The Bose L1 Compact offers Bluetooth and convenient plug ins for microphones and instruments. 

The simplicity features of this speaker include easy to carry bags to hold items together which ensure a 5 minute set up and take down process. Bose also offers large systems for a crowd up to 500. Matrix Video Communications Corp. (MVCC) also features permanent systems from Bose, Community, QSE, and more. 

For Those Who Need Extra Power

This big and tough product lives up to its product line name, Bigfoot. Anchor Audio offers a great solution for large events to cover outdoor events, such as: track and field, football, or soccer. The Anchor Audio Bigfoot has lots of power with convenient built in with wireless microphones - you have your choice of handheld, headset, or a combination). 

Additional features include soft wheels for easy maneuvering, Bluetooth, and a set up of under 3 minutes! This product is weather tough and long lasting of 8 hours - thanks to the Lithium Battery.

For Those Who Value Engagement

Kickstart the conversation with Catchbox - the engagement microphone. Engage students at pep rallies, social events, or even in the classroom. The Catchbox allows you to create a comfortable environment where students can share their thoughts and speak freely. 

This soft throwable microphone can be tossed around without fear of breakage and can be customized to coordinate with your school spirit.

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