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ARHT Media’s High-Quality Lifelike Holograms!

Matrix Video Communications Corp. is the first Canadian dealer and integrator of
ARHT Media's HoloPresence technology.

Showcase your presenters and content in the most engaging form by leveraging ARHT's leading-edge HoloPresence technology and create a powerful connection with your audience.


Holograms can appear remotely live or pre-recorded to create unique experiences for exhibits, interactive installations, conferences, meetings and events.  

A Sense of Presence You Need To See

  • Create interactive exhibits and installations using hologram presenters

  • Bring presenters together remotely to interact with each other in real-time.

  • Access premium talent from around the world, beam them in as Holograms.

  • A life-like presence that will not be forgotten by your audience 

  • Position your content and organization as future-forward.

How It Works 

HoloPresence Technology

Presenters are recorded using ARHT Media’s proprietary Capture Studio System.  They are then transmitted over the internet to their patented HoloPresence Displays and to their Virtual Global Stage™.  Appearing live as lifelike holograms, on a HoloPresence Display and online on the Virtual Global Stage™ in lifesize proportions, with the ability to interact with each other and the audience.

ARHT 1.jpeg

Watch our launch video and see ARHT Media's HoloPresence technology in action with a special guest from our Toronto branch and MVCC's President, Glenn Burgess, joining from Calgary, AB. All appearing remotely on ARHT's Virtual Global Stage to speak about our partnership.

Using a mix of proprietary technology and standard audio, video and projection equipment ARHT Media delivers a reliable,

turn-key Hologram solution known as HoloPresence.


Using HoloPresence you can beam in presenters as holograms for all kinds of interactive experiences. 

HoloPresence Technology


ARHT Media’s HoloPresence technology creates the most high-quality lifelike holograms of presenters that are completely interactive with the ability to speak to people in real-time or appear on-demand as pre-recorded content.

Virtual Global Stage™ 


Using ARHT’s proprietary Capture Studio, which is part of their HoloPresence platform, beam in multiple presenters into a virtual environment for presentations and online events, offering a premium experience for viewers. 


Now panel discussions, fireside chats, training events, town halls, product launches and much more can happen in a virtual environment like never before.

Bring a new era for your company

With locations throughout Canada, MVCC is ready to show you the future of video conferencing. 

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